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Ending child labour in Bangladesh (July, 2015)

Towards ending child marriage in Bangladesh (July, 2015)

Out-of-school children in Bangladesh (July, 2015)

MoRES Implementation in Bangladesh – Tanahashi Rounds

Tanahashi Round-11 Report

Tanahashi Round-10 Report

Tanahashi Round-9 Report

Tanahashi Round-8 Report

Tanahashi Round-7 Report

Tanahashi Round-6 Report

Tanahashi Round-5 Report

Tanahashi Round-4 Report

Tanahashi Round-3 Report

Tanahashi Round-2 Report

Tanahashi Round-1 Report

Course Guide on Applying Tanahashi in Health Systems UNICEF and JGSPH of BRAC University PG MPH

Children and National Budget

Children and Education Budget in Bangladesh (December, 2012)

Budget and Child Health in Bangladesh (December, 2012)

Budget and Child Nutrition in Bangladesh (December, 2012)

Situation of children

Child Equity Atlas: Pockets of Social Deprivation in Bangladesh (October, 2013)

Millennium Development Goals: Bangladesh Progress Report 2012 (June, 2013)

National Budget: Are the commitments to the children of Bangladesh being kept? (June, 2011)

Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices and Expectations (KAPE) Study on Child Labor in Bangladesh (April, 2011)

Understanding Urban Inequalities in Bangladesh: A prerequisite for achieving Vision 2021 (November, 2010)

A Case for Geographic Targeting of Basic Social Services to Mitigate Inequalities in Bangladesh (August, 2010)

Mitigating socio-economic inequalities to accelerate poverty reduction: Investing in vulnerable children (August, 2010)

Concluding observations of the CRC Committee: Bangladesh (November, 2009)

MDG Mid Term Bangladesh Progress Report 2007 (December, 2007)

Children and the Millennium Development Goals:Progress towards A World Fit For Children (December, 2007)

Third and Fourth Periodic Report of the Government of Bangladesh under the CRC (August, 2007)

Millennium Development Goals: Bangladesh Progress Report (February, 2005)

Attaining MDGs in Bangladesh (February, 2005)

National Children Policy-1994 (December, 1994)


Child Labour and Education in Bangladesh: Evidence and Policy Recommendations (June, 2008)

Operational Framework for Pre-Primary Education (March, 2008)


A perspective on gender equality in Bangladesh (September, 2011)


National Guidelines for the Management of the Severely Malnourished Children in Bangladesh (May, 2008)

National Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding in Bangladesh (April, 2007)

National Strategy for Anaemia Prevention and Control in Bangladesh (February, 2007)



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