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Child Well-Being Survey in Urban Areas of Bangladesh 2016


  • Publication Date : 2016
  • Author : Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Format : PDF
  • File Size : 1.3 MB
  • Publisher : UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Language : English
  • Document Type : Public Information 
  • Subject : Child Rights

This Survey was conducted to measure the level of child well-being in urban areas of Bangladesh in terms of nutrition, health, education, protection and access to water and sanitation.

It is known that one-third of the City Corporations’ population lives in slums, which are areas of dense concentration of people and of conditions that affect health negatively. It is, therefore, of a great concern to know the situation of urban children and their mothers, especially those living in slums. To understand the situation of children and women in urban context Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) with support from UNICEF, commissioned this CWS 2016. Associates for Community and Population Research (ACPR) implemented the survey.



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