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One minute junior video


One minute junior video

© UNICEF Bangladesh/2009/S H Chowdhury Khokon
One minute junior video participants show off their certificates at the closing of the 7 day workshop

Equipped with video cameras, 17 Bangladeshi teenagers captured their fear, joy, frustration and love through one minute videos.

The makers of these One Minutes Jr. videos, hailing from different socio-economic backgrounds, came together to work for five days in a workshop held in Dhaka in June 2009.

During this workshop, the teenagers learnt the art of filming. Topics were chosen by the young filmmakers, who worked in front and behind the camera to produce their videos.

The richness and variety of the themes and ideas are not the only attractions, some of these short films also capture some burning issues of Bangladesh society.

The workshop was organized by UNICEF in association with the One Minute Foundation in the Netherlands and the Children's Film Society Bangladesh and Children's TV Foundation Bangladesh.

The videos premiered at the Goethe Institute-Bangladesh on 4 June. After the screening, certificates were handed over to each participant. This is the first time this workshop has been held in Bangladesh.

Videos produced through this workshop were sent to One Minute International Film Festival to be held in October 2009 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

These One minute Junior videos will also be shown during the Children’s Film Festival which will take place in Dhaka in January 2010.

Learn more about theoneminutesJr.

See the video list below :


Broken hope



My beautiful Bangladesh



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