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 Children’s voices: it’s time to listen
In 2009, we asked for your opinions on child rights in Bangladesh. Thank you for responding to our call. We have now created a book called Children’s Voices: It’s time to listen filled with your words and artworks.

In November 2009, the world celebrated 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). To mark this milestone, UNICEF Bangladesh asked more than 800 children across Bangladesh for their opinion on the implementation of child rights in this country. UNICEF held 37 focus group discussions with children, including some living in orphanages, refugee camps and juvenile justice centres. In these discussions, children created artworks, poems and letters expressing their thoughts. Other children submitted paintings and letters via email. 

Many of the artworks were displayed in an art exhibition at the launch of UNICEF’s flagship publication, the State of the World’s Children.
What do you think about child rights in Bangladesh ? 

UNICEF is always interested to hear what you think about growing up in Bangladesh. If you are under 18, please send us a drawing, poem, or some words expressing your opinions on child rights.

Submissions can be sent to:
Communication and Information section
BSL Office Complex
1 Minto Road
Dhaka 1000
Or email : infobangladesh@unicef.org.



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