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Meena’s family and friends

Meena loves going to school and learning new things. She has a natural sense of justice and doesn’t hesitate to tackle the problems in her village.  Her powerful imagination allows her to envisage a brighter future for the children of South Asia. Meena works to achieve her vision by thinking positively, taking action and speaking out.
Raju is Meena's younger brother. Although he tries to help Meena, he is easily distracted and often gets himself into trouble. He is a good mimic and actor and loves playing pranks.
Meena's mother is very proud of her spirited daughter and has great dreams for her future. She is openly affectionate with all of her children and keeps a level head whenever the family faces a problem.
Meena's father is sometimes bewildered by his active daughter. He works as a farmer, but is happy to help out with the housework and looking after his children. He too dreams of a bright future for his family.
Rani is Meena’s new baby sister. Meena helps look after Rani by finding out what small children need to stay healthy and safe.
Mithu is Meena's pet parrot and alter ego. He is always adding to his vocabulary of human words, usually just in time to save the day. He is fiercely protective of Meena and her friends, although he sometimes likes to show off.
Meena's grandmother lives with Meena’s family. Meena’s father is Grandmother’s son. Grandmother was brought up to believe that girls are inferior to boys. Watching Meena grow up has made her change her mind. Meena and Raju love listening to Grandmother’s stories.
Meena's teacher is very wise and is loved by all her students. She encourages Meena and her friends to think creatively and express themselves.
The village shopkeeper thinks that girls don’t belong in school. He says that women should have nothing to do with big decisions, money or business. He hate Mithu and loves counting his money.
Meena's house
Meena lives in a village that is quite close to a large city. The village has a bank, a school, a post office and a health center. Meena’s house has a thatched roof and a smooth floor made from cow dung. The house doesn’t have electricity. Water is fetched by hand from a pump in the village.



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