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© 2008/Children Express
Two children journalists of the Noakhali team, are talking to children and their parents, to collect information for their report during a field visit.

Children Express (Shishu Prokash in Bangla) is a children’s news agency supported by UNICEF in Bangladesh.  A news agency is an organisation of journalists who work independently to supply reports to newspapers, magazines and broadcasters.

640 children are members of Children Express. They were selected from each of the 64 districts. Their stories and reports are published in national and local newspapers across Bangladesh.

Since November 2007, over 260 reports by individual child journalists have appeared in national and local newspapers. Over the same period, around 400 group reports by child journalists were published.

How to become a child journalist
Every year, Children Express posts advertisements in local and national newspapers and in secondary schools to request applications from children in Bangladesh who want to join the news team.  Keep an eye on the newspapers and the Children Express website for details.

If you’re successful you’ll be trained in report writing by experienced journalists and have the opportunity to join photography, computing and internet courses. 

Child journalists make a difference
Children Express journalists are helping to improve the lives of children across Bangladesh.
  • After Children Express revealed that children were being detained in adult prisons in Narayanganj and Chandpur, ten incarcerated children were released and another two were moved to a juvenile development centre.
  • Thanks to a story by child journalists about school mismanagement and violence at a primary school in Magura, Khulna division, the local authority started an inquiry that resulted in the dismissal of an abusive teacher.
  • A report about 600 out-of-school children in Char Indoria of Laxsmipur, Chittagong division, convinced members of local government and the local community to donate land and money (worth 245,000 taka or 3,600 USD) to build a new school.

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