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Purba Biswas, 15, a child journalist from Bhola gives a speech during the launch of a children's news website in Dhaka.

‘Hello’ – Children’s Online News Service

For the first time, a ‘Children’s Online News Service’ - focusing on issues affecting children in Bangladesh, news stories gathered by children are uploaded on the website (http://hello.bdnews24.com) which is accessible to all media outlets for their daily news consumption.

The initiative titled ‘Hello’ is a partnership between leading online news provider BDnews24 and UNICEF Bangladesh. Children and adolescent journalists aged 10-17 years are gathering and feeding news to this specially-designed website targeting mainstream media. Since the start of the partnership in September 2012, BDNews24's have trained selected children in the 20 most deprived districts across Bangladesh. From May 2013, the process of incorporating child journalists from the rest 44 districts and Bangladeshi children residing abroad has been initiated.





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