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Registering at an emergency obstetric centre.
The overall strategy is to promote a rights based approach to reduction of maternal mortality.

The strategies of the Women’s Health Project are:
• Focus on establishing lifesaving essential and emergency obstetric care in order to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in a way that enables those who have responsibility for the care of others to carry out their responsibilities.
• Focus on gender inequalities by addressing the needs of women through a Women Friendly Hospital Initiative (WFHI) in which women are active participants and where comprehensive services are available so as to promote the indivisibility of rights
• Promotion and coordination of Future Search Groups in which women can meet and freely discuss safe motherhood and the health of women in general
• Capacity building and human resource development to ensure quality functioning of facilities, to support those with responsibility to care for others
• Communication for behaviour change and development in order to create an environment that promotes a positive socio-cultural movement
• Partnership building with key actors, including professional bodies, to promote wider participation.



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