Communication for Development

Creating positive forces for children in society


UNICEF Bangladesh operates on the basis of children's lifecycle, tracking their complex needs from before birth to adolescence.

An innovative approach, it allows Communication for Development or C4D to converge with other arms of UNICEF and to addressing common priorities while maintaining a similar pace.

Priorities for children vary depending on their age and are implemented in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh. Below are some of these priorities

মেয়ে শিশু

Over 50 per cent of Bangladeshi women who are now in their mid-20s entered their marriages before turning 18. 

পাবনার সুজানগরের একটি স্কুলের ছাত্রীরা একসাথে মাঠে খেলছে

During adolescence, children develop values and skills that have great impact on well-being. But in Bangladesh, more support is needed to unleash this potential. 

smiling children

Human behaviour is complex, and to bring about social change one needs to pay attention to causes effecting social behaviour.