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Teenage brides are sometimes attacked with acid following dowry disputes. Dhaka division.

Domestic violence
Domestic violence is considered acceptable by the majority of the community and remains the biggest threat facing adolescent girls. Acid-throwing, sexual coercion, rape and induced suicide are also grave concerns to the health and safety of many adolescents, particularly child brides who are isolated in their new communities.

In urban areas, peer pressure and poverty lead adolescent boys into organized crime and violence. Drug and substance abuse is a common problem for these children and other adolescent boys.

Conflict with the law
Children living on the streets and victims of sexual exploitation are often arrested and victimised by law enforcers.  Specialized juvenile courts exist; however many children are dealt with in regular criminal courts, alongside adults and without legal representation.  Children are detained in both Child Development Centres and ordinary prisons where they are confined with adults.

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