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A mother fills in a birth registration form for her newborn child in Rajshahi division.

Only 10 per cent of children under-five were registered with birth certificates in 2006.  

Proof of age and identity
Without birth certificates, children are denied their right to identity and are unable to prove their age.  Without formal proof of birth date, age and identity, it is difficult to protect children against trafficking, child marriage, child labour, criminal prosecution, imprisonment and other protection hazards.  Proof of age and identity also help children achieve their rights to education and access other services.

Government progress
The 2004 Births and Deaths Registration Act made birth registration compulsory for all persons born in Bangladesh. Although registration was free for the first two and half years of the law coming into force, lack of resources to process applications and low levels of awareness about birth registration hampered progress. According to government sources, 48 per cent of people are now registered with birth certificates. The percentage of registered children is not known.

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