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Birth registration

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A baby boy in Dhaka division is registered with a birth certificate.

UNICEF supports the Government’s programme for universal birth registration in Bangladesh. Since 2006, with the passage of the Birth and Death Registration Act, children born in Bangladesh must be registered with a birth certificate.

Technical support
UNICEF provides technical assistance and advocacy support to the national birth registration drive. Birth registration is currently manual and slow. Efforts are underway to computerize the process and build a more efficient national registration system.

Increasing public awareness
Media campaigns raise public awareness about the importance of birth registration. Teachers and health care providers reinforce the campaigns, explaining that birth certificates help children access health and education services, while providing protection against child marriage, labour, trafficking and other abuses.

According to the Government of Bangladesh, almost 45 per cent of people are now registered with birth certificates, though the percentage of the child population with birth registration is not known. Combining birth registration with school admission is increasing the scope of the campaign. UNICEF is supporting accelerated registration of the most vulnerable and excluded children, including children living in the streets and in brothels.

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