Public Finance for Children

When governments invest in children, entire countries benefit.

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Scaling up for the Mother and Child Benefit Programme (MCBP)

Bangladesh invests in early years of childhood particularly through the flagship social protection programme called Mother and Child Benefit Programme (MCBP). The MCBP programme currently (2022-23) covers 1.25 million beneficiaries and plans to cover 4 million beneficiaries by 2023-24 with an ultimate target to reach 6 million beneficiaries by 2026. The policy note provides financing options for the scale up.


Preserving the Mother and Child Benefit Programme (MCBP) Transfer Value

Mother and Child Benefit Programme (MCBP) is Bangladesh’s flagship social protection investment in early years of disadvantaged children. The programme provides monthly benefit of BDT 800 to the enrolled pregnant women and mothers. The policy note recommends upward adjustment of the transfer value taking inflation into account to achieve intended impact.


Child Budget Report

Share of Child Budget remained stagnant at 15.05% of the national budget in FY21-22 which was 15.33% in FY19-20. Low utilisation of the allocated resources and rushed expenditure towards the end of fiscal years are identified as implementation challenges. The study recommends expanded social protection for children with a focus on early years programming.


Advancing the interests of Bangladesh’s children in Covid times through the SSNPs

The needs of the children ought to be considered from the perspective of the multi-dimensional nature of deprivations they experience, the shocks they are subjected to, the violence they suffer, the adjustments they have to make and the evolving socio-economic scenario in which they live. Effectiveness of Social Safetynet Programmes (SSNPs) to meet the demands of the children should be seen from a dynamic perspective, taking cognisance of the shifting needs of the children.

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