25 May 2022

How to teach your child to love reading

A love of reading opens the door to adventures, learning new things and a whole host of key language skills such as speech development and vocabulary building. Spending time with books also creates special moments for you to bond with your child and enjoy each other’s company. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day with a book is enough to spark your curious…, Start right away, Reading to your newborn helps to give them the best start in life. Babies learn language from adults who repeat and read words to them. When you read to your little one, talk about the characters and objects in the book or the sounds the animals make. Hearing your voice helps give meaning to the letters and pictures they are seeing. As you read,…, Model what a good reader looks like, It is important for children to see reading as something fun and pleasurable to do rather than a difficult task. What better way to teach this than to show them the ropes yourself! If your children see you reading often, it is more likely to encourage them. This will also help to promote time away from screens. If you have been away from reading…, Take turns, As your child grows older, take turns reading out loud to each other. If you have an early reader, this can be as much as asking your child to point out letters and words he recognizes. Next, take turns reading sentences. As his abilities grow, you can take turns reading pages and eventually chapters. As you read together, ask questions about what…, Listen to your child, As your little one grows, pay attention to her interests. If she is particularly drawn to a particular topic, like dinosaurs, try to find children’s books about that subject. This will help to reinforce that books are tools for learning more about the things we care about and she will be more likely to read if the subject matter is her favourite…, Make it a routine, Making reading an enjoyable part of your child’s life starts with incorporating books into your daily routine. Create a special reading time before bed or while taking public transportation. While you are together, make sure to limit distractions like mobile phones and television. Your time should be all about each other! Part of learning to enjoy…, Reading milestones, While every child is different, here are some of the milestones you may observe as your child's reading skills develop: Birth – 18 months Understands some simple phrases Looks at books and tries to turn pages Imitates speech At around 1 year can say one or more words 18 months – 3 years Can say 250 – 350 words at around 2 years and 800 – 1,000…
04 May 2022

Carçı Newsletter #12/2022

Education  Health and Nutrition  Child Protection & Social Policy  Child Rights Monitoring  Cross-sectoral , EDUCATION, Students make up for learning loss through the catch-up programme , The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected the education of children, with school closures and interruptions in learning. Azerbaijan is one of the countries that has resumed the operation of schools and invested in making sure that schools are first to open and last to close. To support children who have fallen behind during this period,…, UNICEF continues working with partners to support the mental health of students and teachers , Children are most vulnerable to unprecedented and dangerous situations. The pandemic and the conflict of 2020 left many children in need of psychological support. To measure the impact of the conflict and the pandemic on children, teachers and schools, UNICEF conducted an Education in Emergencies Needs Assessment. Mental health and psychosocial…, HEALTH AND NUTRITION, UNICEF strengthens its relationship with the Azerbaijan Medical University by signing a memorandum of understanding, A memorandum of understanding was signed between UNICEF and the Azerbaijan Medical University. The new document sets forth a framework for cooperation between the partners aimed at improving undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, enhancing the existing curricula and capacity-building to develop human resources in the health sector,…, How to get schoolchildren to eat healthier meals?, UNICEF in Azerbaijan has partnered with the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan to promote healthy eating habits among schoolchildren. The Azerbaijan Food Safety Institute, an organization under the umbrella of the Agency, held a launch event for a pilot programme entitled ‘School Food Guides’ in March, with the support of UNICEF and…, Healthcare workers to promote ‘The 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding', Exclusive breastfeeding is vital to children's survival and ensures the very best start in life. UNICEF has partnered with the Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions to promote the benefits, best practices and importance of breastfeeding among medical staff. The ‘10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding training was held in 12 maternity…, A brochure answering questions related to the COVID-19 vaccine was disseminated through health facilities, UNICEF joined forces with the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance and the Administration of the Regional Medical Divisions to promote vaccination among the population. The online campaign #LetsStoptheVirus reached more than 1 million people. An informational brochure was prepared and disseminated in Baku healthcare facilities. The partners…, CHILD PROTECTION, Partners and local communities join efforts to find sustainable solutions to violence against children, A roundtable discussion on violence against children was held in the district of Agjabadi, in the framework of the Community and Family-based Integrated Social Services programme, which is implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and local partners, with financial support from the European Union. Representatives of the district’…, Child protection standards to be disseminated through Baku schools, UNICEF partnered with the Ministry of Education and the Centre for Methodology Support and Professional Development to organize a training on child protection and safety for 12 staff members of the Ministry of Education. These master trainers will train more than 100 teachers in 25 Baku schools throughout 2022. The aim of this process is to…, CHILD RIGHTS MONITORING, Data on children critical to improve their lives: Azerbaijan is getting ready to conduct a Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, UNICEF and the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding on Conducting a Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2022’. MICS are essential to genuinely improve the lives of children and women since they provide up-to-date, comprehensive and disaggregated data…, YOUTH AND ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT, 3x3 Girls Tournament held in Baku in celebration of International Women’s Day, UNICEF and the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan held the 3x3 Girls Tournament, with the financial support of the European Union. The tournament was dedicated to International Women's Day. Teams in three different age groups competed in the tournament, which was held on 6 March at the Sports Palace of the Azerbaijan Technical…, To see the complete series, check out the videos through our YouTube playlist ., Consultant explaining mine risk UNICEF Azerbaijan/Aliyev/2022 A boy showing the EORE material, Mine risk education for a safer future  , In partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and with the financial support of the European Union, UNICEF continues to implement the Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) programme. After the participation of 1,000 primary and secondary schoolteachers in capacity-building activities,…, To learn more about the programme, please click here., Youth council members expand their skills to better serve their communities  , UNICEF and the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan have completed a series of trainings in the framework of an EU-funded programme dedicated to the establishment of youth advisory councils in five districts of the country. The programme was initiated to better define the role young people can play in the welfare…, MORE RESOURCES, We are glad to share a short video we produced, which includes some tips on how to surf online safely and how to protect your mental health.
17 December 2021

Carçı Newsletter #11/2021

Inside this issue, Education Health and Nutrition Child Protection Youth and Adolescent Development  , EDUCATION, Panellists sit on the stage for the 75th Anniversary of UNICEF., UNICEF celebrates 75th Anniversary: "Reimagining Youth Skills for the 21 st century", This year UNICEF celebrated its 75 th Anniversary in Azerbaijan by hosting a panel discussion dedicated to young people in Azerbaijan together with the Ministry of Education. The panellists include young people from schools and universities, government officials, UNICEF and private sector representatives. The discussions revolved around the…, Early Childhood Education promoted through community-based Early Learning Centres, Throughout the year, families and children benefitted from the community-based early learning centres in eight communities in Absheron, Agjabedi, Ganja and Shirvan. There are operated run in partnership with local non-governmental organisations and the financial support of the European Union. As a result of community mobilisation activities,…, Basic Life Skills programme introduced to children through pilot schools , UNICEF-supported Basic Life Skills (BLS) programme was piloted in general schools of Agdam and Tartar districts in 2021. Over 2,318 adolescent boys and girls received support from their teachers, helping them better cope with stress and psychological pressures they experienced during and in the post-conflict context. In addition, adolescents learn…, UNICEF to support students and teachers through an education recovery initiative , Within the partnership between UNICEF in Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Education has launched a project providing mentoring support for students' learning needs and ensuring educators' professional development.  The main goal of the initiative is to identify the learning needs of students and to reduce the negative…, Training held for textbook authors to increase knowledge about inclusive language, With the support of the UNICEF in Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education, a training on "Inclusion and Universal Learning Design" were held for textbook authors and experts in November 2021.  The main objectives of the training were to increase the knowledge of textbook authors in education on how to use an inclusive language when writing a…, HEALTH AND NUTRITION, PROACT programme for the training of health workers builds district-level capacity to prevent COVID-19 , The USAID-supported PROACT Training Programme, launched in 2020 to support health care professionals in Azerbaijan through specialised training curriculum including infection prevention and control, provision of safe health care, basic and advanced life support and case management, reached its point of transition to government ownership.  Since…, Neonatal screening programme introduced in Azerbaijan , In partnership with TABIB and with the organizational support of the Scientific Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UNICEF carried out training on neonatal screening. These vital diagnoses of heredity diseases of children were done in regional perinatal centres and hospitals from July to October 2021.   More than 175 medical workers…, Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative revitalized , Through UNICEF and TABIB partnership, the 'Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding' training was conducted as part of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.  A series of training was held with overall 40 medical staff from Sumgait Perinatal Centre, Absheron Central District Hospital and the Scientific Research Pediatric Institute, as well as 42…, UNICEF and partners contribute to early child health and nutrition in the conflict-affected areas , As part of a joint initiative between UNICEF, TABIB, and the Regional Development Public Union (RDPU), special rooms were established to provide health and nutrition services to pregnant women, infants and children of families affected by last year's conflict. 31,217 women and children benefited from primary health care, breastfeeding support, and…, Vaccination promotion – debunking myths and supporting evidence-based information for the general public  , UNICEF joined efforts with the State Agency for Mandatory Health Insurance (SAMHI) and TABIB to promote vaccination among the general population and specific groups, including women and men aged 18-45 and older. The main products developed within the campaign were leaflets, animations and interviews with doctors on the importance and efficacy of…, CHILD PROTECTION, UNICEF partners with the ASAN Volunteers to offer psycho-social support to communities , UNICEF Azerbaijan launched a "Child protection during emergencies" programme in partnership with the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs and with the organisational support of ASAN Volunteers Organization to help children affected by last year's conflict. A team of psychologists and social workers worked in Ganja, Terter, Agdam …, YOUTH AND ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT, International Day of a Girl Child celebrated with a special focus on STEM , On 11 October, UNICEF and The Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA), with the financial support of the European Union, held a virtual celebration on the International Day of a Girl Child.   As part of the special video program, prominent public figures and young girls who chose different career paths talked about girls'…, Explosive ordnance and landmines: Ministry of Education, European Union, ANAMA, and UNICEF launch a programme to protect children and families , With the financial support from the European Union, UNICEF, in partnership with ANAMA and the Ministry of Education, launched a Joint Action Plan to support children and families in 10 affected districts.    The plan includes a range of activities to support communities in the affected districts and beyond with explosive ordnance risk education (…, Youth sector graduates gained new skills through an internship programme , UNICEF and Azerbaijan Youth Foundation launched a new initiative in May to support students and graduates of the "Youth Policy and Management of Youth Sector" master's program to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in various fields, including marketing, management and youth sector management.   Participants were placed for an internship at…, COVID-19 portal for related questions, We do our best to share helpful content on different COVID-19 related topics. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have shared several helpful articles for parents, answering their burning questions. COVID-19 is still here. For useful tips on COVID-19 visit our porta l.
20 September 2021

Ten mental health and well-being tips for teachers

As schools reopen, it is important to prioritise and commit to taking care of your mental health and well-being – this helps you to have more positive energy for yourself, your students and their families. Here are 10 tips on how you can do it!  , Set aside time to unwind, Think about what helps lift your mood and gets you through stress – whether it is playing with your children, going for a walk, talking to your friends, taking care of your plants, reading a book or cooking a new recipe. Keep some space to relax. These activities are as important as your working hours. It’s about allowing yourself to feel…, Plan ahead, As schools reopen, there could be a million things on your mind on how to engage with students and help them with the transition. Make a list of all your tasks and activities for the day or week early on. Use a day planner or notebook to plan your week. Set small goals and take appropriate breaks. It will help you plan your time better and…, Set boundaries, The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased stress levels in the lives of many teachers with a new way of teaching, personal health and family issues. Whether you are teaching online or in the classroom, you are continually taking care of students’ needs throughout the day. Make sure to set boundaries to have ‘me’ time, be with family, or…, Get vaccinated, Get vaccinated when it’s your turn. Getting vaccinated will protect you from severe COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and death and can alleviate the safety concerns of being back in schools. It will also protect your family, your students and their families. You will be required to keep taking precautions after vaccination, but feeling safer…, Adjust your expectations, This is a period of adjustment for everyone and keeps things in perspective. You can only control certain things and circumstances during the transition period in your classroom. Don’t pressurise yourself to provide the same learning experiences as the pre-lockdown period. You are one single professional and doing your best to adapt to change. As…, Acquire new skills and appreciate the ones you already have, Teachers, across the globe, were largely unprepared to support the continuity of learning mostly because of limited digital skills. Acquiring and mastering new skills will help you in the professional journey and will provide greater confidence and comfort in work. You can sign up for online courses, virtual workshops, webinars, or watch videos to…, Be kind to yourself, If you are feeling overwhelmed, share your feelings with another teacher, friend or family member. Having a conversation with your supervisor or senior school leader will help them understand you and offer support. Remember, a healthy relationship will have a positive influence on the children you are teaching.  , Stay socially connected, You can keep yourself physically apart to limit the spread of the virus, but it is important that you stay emotionally and socially connected with your friends, family and colleagues. Celebrate happy occasions over video calls, engage in virtual working groups or join online book clubs. When seeing others, prefer outdoor activities, and use masks…, Get your body moving, Physical activity is proven to be a powerful fighter to navigate stress and anxiety. With regular exercise, you can feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories and feel more relaxed and positive about yourself. Even a short 10 minutes of brisk walking boosts our mood and can give an enormous sense of well-…, Seek mental health support if needed, Take care of your mental health and well-being and seek mental health support if you have signs of depression, anxiety, and burnout. Feeling tired and unhappy is not the same as being depressed. The major signs of depression, anxiety, burnout, and other mental health problems that need specialised mental health attention include fatigue and sleep…