Being a Father - The Story of Roman and Hikmat

Fathers play a special role in their children`s early development. Do you agree? Happy Father's Day!

UNICEF Azerbaijan
A father holds his child in the air
UNICEF Azerbaijan

14 May 2019

'When you`re told you`re about to become a father you have no idea what to expect/ When the baby is born they become a part of you. You can`t be without them." 

A father watching his baby play with a toy happily.
UNICEF Azerbaijan

'Even before Roman was born we would talk to him."

A father posing with his child smiling.
UNICEF Azerbaijan

'When we spend time together we usually read books or play football. We read books in Azerbaijani and in English.'

A mother holding her baby up in the air.
UNICEF Azerbaijan

Please watch the video below.

'Our guest room does not have any furniture so Roman loves to play football in there. He started running before he was one, he`s a very active child.'

A father and mother feeding their child.
UNICEF Azerbaijan

'The joy of having a child is like no other feeling.'