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Key Issues

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Key issues

UNICEF is working closely with the Government of Azerbaijan to create an effective legal and social framework for better child care and protection based on the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Among the top priorities in our work are: providing alternatives to the system of state child care institutions; helping children with disabilities and including them into the mainstream; and protecting children in contact with the law.

Furthermore, an integral part of UNICEF’s work in all these major programmes is striving to change society’s attitudes, reducing stigmas and prejudices, towards children who face such challenges and crisis situations. This is accomplished by working closely with the media and civil society to explain better the issues that such children face.

In fact, in 2010-2011, three Azerbaijan universities will adopt a child rights syllabus in conjunction with UNICEF to improve and promote child rights reporting for media professionals. The syllabus will be a part of the curriculum in journalism departments at Baku State University, Baku Slavic University and Khazar University. The main goal is to fundamentally and positively alter how the media reports on child rights issues and – therefore – how they report on children in general.



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