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Terms of reference for local consultancy

Establishment of safe sport places in the selected communities of Lankaran, Guba, Ganja, Alibayramli and Fizuli

1. Program information:                           
      Programme (No. & Name) :039-SI202 Community based integrated service  
      Project   (No. & Name)    :039-SI202-10 Youth Participation and Sport
      Activity Reference    :Development of Children and Young People through Sports/ Establishment of safe sport places in 35 facilities of the selected communities of Lankaran, Guba, Ganja, Alibayramli, Fizuli and Baku

2. Background and Context:      
The 2004-2009 CPD and Country Programme Action Plan signed by the Government of Azerbaijan and UNICEF aimed to support the government’s capacities to progressively realize the rights of children to survival, development, protection and participation. One of the outcomes of the current UNDAF is directed at promoting more public participation in governance. UNDAF MRT also added additional country programme output related with youth participation in sport, namely “2.14.3: Participation of excluded and disadvantaged boys and girls and young adults in sport, recreation, and physical activity increased” UNICEF has partnered with Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Education, national NGOs, British Council and UK Sport in order to expand opportunities for equal participation of disadvantaged girls and boys, particularly those at risk of HIV/AIDS and associated risks, those from economically poor families, often rural but also including the urban poor, and including internally displaced children, children from public care institutions and children with disabilities.

UNICEF, through the UK National Committee, has been selected as the international partner for the UK Government and UK Sport’s Inspiration 2012, the international social programme of  the 2012 Olympic games due to be held in London.   In the initial phase, the Inspiration 2012 programme covers 4 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and Azerbaijan was selected as the country for the European region and will receive approximately $2 million in 2008 and 2009 for this purpose.       

UNICEF is responsible for the delivery of Strand 3 – Development of Children in Schools and Communities through Sport. The British Council and UK Sport are responsible for Strands 1, 2 and 4.  The Sport project aims to contribute to the achievement of MDGs and country programme outcomes in the MTSP priority areas of education, HIV and child protection.  Sport and play are utilised as tools to enhance healthy child development, tackle social exclusion, promote girls participation in sport and use the convening power of sport and play to provide education and life skills to children and youth. During 2008, the project will bring good quality sports activities to 15 Child Friendly Schools, 16 Youth Clubs and 4 special schools of Baku, Sumgayit, Ganja, Guba, Lankaran, Ali-Bayramli, Bilasuvar and Fizuli.

To address one of the project’s objectives on establishment of safe sport spaces in 35 facilities in selected communities of Baku, Lankaran, Fizuli, Quba, Ganja, and Alibayramli to increase participation of children and young people in schools and communities through sport has been planned in the Annual Work Plan for year of 2008. 
3. Purpose of the assignment:
The local consultant is to be assigned for assessment, planning and designing of safe sport places (playgrounds) and monitoring of the rehabilitation/construction works to be implemented by companies in 35 facilities of the selected communities of Lankaran, Guba, Ganja, Alibayramli, Fizuli and Baku
4. Duty station: Baku with frequent visits to the implementation sites 
5. Supervisor: The consultant will work under supervision of Operations Officer and Program Communication Officer
6. Major tasks to be accomplished:
- Week 1: Conduct technical survey of  rehabilitation areas;
- Week 2: Prepare sketches for design and Bill of Quantities for projects via computer programs (AutoCAD, Excel, etc.); 
- Week 3: Prepare estimations for safe sport places (including materials) and the invitation and announcement for contractors, collection and checking documents of construction companies
- Week 4: Conduct technical survey of construction materials
- Week 5 – 12: Monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation in 35 facilities of the selected communities of Lankaran, Guba, Ganja, Alibayramli, Fizuli and Baku
7.          Outcomes and deliverables:
- Technical survey report on the rehabilitation areas, including sketch of the safe sport places (playgrounds) in 35 facilities of the selected communities of Lankaran, Guba, Ganja, Alibayramli, Fizuli and Baku
- Estimations for establishment the safe sport places (including materials) in 35 facilities of the selected communities of Lankaran, Guba, Ganja, Alibayramli, Fizuli and Baku
- Technical survey report on the construction materials
- Project implementation monitoring reports
8.        Time-Frame:  5 June  – 5 September, 2008
9.        Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:
- At least of 5 years experience in the field of civil engineering;
- At least 3 years experience working with international organizations, preferably with UN organizations; 
- Strong communication and monitoring/evaluation skills
- Experience  of the construction/rehabilitation of the sport facilities would be an asset
- Fluency in Azerbaijani language, English would be an asset
10. Procedures and logistics:
• UNICEF will provide information on the project implementation sites for consultant 
• UNICEF is responsible for tender process, selection of contractors and preparation contracts.
• UNICEF will provide the transportation to visit project implementation sites


Interested  individuals requested to send:
a) Cover letter
b) resume;
c) reference of previous relevant work (if available);
in a sealed envelop/email to:
Programme Communication Officer
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
24 S.Dadashev St., AZ1073
Baku, Azerbaijan

All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality. UNICEF is an equal opportunity employer.

Deadline: 25 May, 2008

For further information please contact:

Elnur Aliyev,
Programme Communication Officer




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