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CALL FOR PROPOSALS for development and implementation of School Management Training for Potential School Principals to support Ministry of Education’s School Management Reforms





for development and implementation of School Management Training for Potential School Principals to support Ministry of Education’s School Management Reforms



Ministry of Education is committed to reforms in education sector by addressing many key sectoral issues, to improve the quality of education and to realign the sector with the needs of the emerging market economy and social conditions.

In order to support the implementation of new school management policy, with request of Ministry of Education, UNICEF is planning to organize training programme for future school managers. Training programme will be further institutionalized by Ministry of Education to engage successful graduates in their school autonomy initiative.

UNICEF Child-Friendly Schools approach to education reform is grounded in a commitment to each child’s right to an education of high quality. In Azerbaijan, the CFS framework and the concept of child-friendliness is defined in terms of these dimensions of education: effectiveness in teaching and management; inclusiveness; safety and protection in school environments, and involvement or participation of students, parents, and community in the life and work of the school and community.


In 2008-2009 The formulation and development of quality standards for general schools started under “Child friendly school” by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education. In 2009, a taskforce comprised of MOE and independent experts finalized and started introduction of quality standards in general schools.


The quality standards for general schools are classified under 5 main categories, including adequate and measurable quality standards:


· School management;

· Professional development of the pedagogical staff;

· Establishment and management of the educational process;

· Personality enhancement of the students;

· Partnership of the school with parents and community.


Purpose of the assignment


To provide technical expertise to assist the Ministry of Education in:

1) To prepare 3-month training programme, training manual, training schedule, syllabus, performance assessment and certification tools.

2) To deliver 3-month programme to 60 applicants provided by UNICEF and Ministry of Education and provide report with outcomes to UNICEF and Ministry of Education




Training programme duration should be 3 months or one academic term at university and delivered starting from September to December 2014


Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:

· Experience in the development of methodological materials;

· Experience in textbooks/training programme development as well as practical experience in management in general school and university level teaching;

· Previous experience of training and excellent training skills;

· Familiarity with UNICEF's mission and mandate as well as approach to Education Reform in Azerbaijan;

· Experience in mainstreaming gender and equity concerns in education programs;

· Excellent English and Azerbaijani communication, writing and analytical skills;

Estimated cost:


Consultancy fee is to be proposed by a potential individual or organization and agreed with UNICEF in line with UN rules and regulations.




Interested individual should send:

a) A Project Proposal with detailed budget and outline of the training programme;

b)      the organizational profile;

c)      in case of an institutional application, the resumes of each of the proposed team members;

d)     references of previous relevant work;


in a sealed envelope/email to:

Human Resources

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Dalga Plaza, 3rd floor

24 Neftchilar Avenue, AZ1095

Baku, Azerbaijan

or send the documents mentioned above electronically


All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality. UNICEF is an equal opportunity employer.


UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.


Deadline 20 June 2014, 18:00 hours GMT+4 




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