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UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN'S FUND Terms of Reference National Consultancy Technical assistance to UNICEF with the establishment and launch of the UN Youth Advisory Council


Terms of Reference

National Consultancy


Technical assistance to UNICEF with the establishment and launch of

the UN Youth Advisory Council


1. Program information:                           

      Programme (No. & Name)           : 0310/A0/04/002 Improved Attitudes towards fulfillment of Rights of Children and Young People           

      Project   (No. & Name)                : 0310/A0/04/002/004 Youth Participation

2. Background and Context:


The UN System in Azerbaijan recognizes the youth as agents of change, and a need for social investments in young people to develop tolerance and commitment to peace, justice and human rights. It places high importance on goals proposed by Azerbaijani youth for their Post-2015 sustainable development and recognizes the value of dialogue between young people and the UN Country Team (UNCT).

In order to set up a mechanism for such a dialogue, the UNCT has announced a selection process for the membership in the UN Youth Advisory Council (UNYAC) for a period of 1 June 2014 – 1 June 2015.

Under the authority and in consultation with the UN Country Team (UNCT), the UNYAC will advise the UNCT on all questions relating to youth.

The applicants will be between 15-29 years of age, represent different social backgrounds and interests, including those most disadvantaged and marginalized, and might be involved in and have close links to local youth and professional organizations.


3. Purpose of the assignment:

To prepare basis for constructing a more youth responsive and inclusive UN through meaningful participation of youth


Specific objectives:

To provide technical assistance to UNICEF with the establishment and launch of the UNYAC


4. Duty station: Baku, Azerbaijan

5. Supervisor:  Aida Ailarova, Youth and Adolescent Development Officer

6. Key Actions to be Taken:

1. Collect all applications in coordination with the UN agencies, MoYS and the NGOs involved in the advertisement campaign

2. Prepare a Shortlisting Matrix in accordance with the approved selection criteria and assist UNICEF with estimation of skills/awareness level and qualifications of the applicants

3. Organize an interview process through circulating information among the shortlisted candidates and the interviewers, drafting questions, making venue arrangements, etc.

4. Coordinate preparation for the meetings with the UNCT for mainstreaming of the youth agenda and a youth responsive approach in the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF);

5. Ensure provision of timely high quality follow-up to other assignment-related requests


7. Outcomes and deliverables:

· Shortlisting of eligible candidates completed by 19 May 2014, filled out Shortlisting Matrix submitted to UNICEF on 20 May 2014;

· Arrangements for interview process completed by 23 May 2014;

· Interviews with the shortlisted candidates conducted COB 27 May 2014, information on the outcomes of the selection process duly communicated to the winners;

· Preparation for the meetings with the UNCT, including the logistical and administrative arrangements,  completed by 5 June 2014;

· Report on the process of selection and launch of the UNYAC submitted to UNICEF by 12 June 2014.

8.         Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:

· Post-graduate university degree in social science, arts or other related fields

· Not less than three years of practical experience; experience with international organizations will be an asset;

· Youth focused practical experience; familiarity with youth and adolescent development and participation issues

· Experience in data gathering, analysis and report writing

· Knowledge of Azerbaijani and English is mandatory

· Knowledge of Russian will be an asset


9. 10.      Estimated cost:

The project cost is to be proposed by a potential contractor and agreed with UNICEF in line with UN rules and regulations.

11.       Procedures and logistics:

· UNICEF will provide all necessary project-related documentation to the selected consultant

· UNICEF office will facilitate the consultant’s communication with the involved UN agencies and will support all arrangements related to consultancy

· The consultancy may not be commenced unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the consultant.

· In the case of unsatisfactory performance measured against performance indicators, or if the planned outputs are not delivered, or delivered in the way other than specified in the Terms of Reference, or are incomplete or late, which can be identified through regular monitoring of the project implementation, UNICEF will terminate the contract with no payments planned under the agreement to be paid after the termination.


12.      Prepared by (Programme/Project Officer)

           Aida Ailarova, Youth and Adolescent Development Officer                Signature and Date:

13.      Approved by: Deputy Representative

           Rashed Mustafa Signature and Date:


14.      Read and signed by:           

            (Name and Title)                                                                                  Signature and Date:


15.     Application:


Interested  consultants are requested to send:

a)      Resume/CV with a cover letter;

b)      Reference from the previous relevant work (if available);

via email to:


All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality. UNICEF is an equal opportunity employer.

Deadline: May 15, 2014


For further information please contact:

Aida Ailarova,

Youth and Adolescent Development Officer






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