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Terms of Reference. Maintenance and management of the First Innovative HIV-related Youth-friendly Website in Azerbaijan. National Consultancy.



Terms of Reference

Maintenance and Management of the First Innovative

HIV-related Youth-friendly Website in Azerbaijan.

National Consultancy


  1. Program information:                           

      Programme (No. & Name):             0310/A0/04/002 Improved Attitudes towards fulfillment of Rights of Children and Young People 

                   Project   (No. & Name):                     0310/A0/04/002/004 Youth Participation                                                                  


2.         Background and Context:

UNICEF proposes to strengthen the currently implemented EU-funded regional project on HIV testing and counselling (HTC) in Azerbaijan through introducing an innovation that is believed to help significantly increase participation of adolescents and young people, including those hard to reach like MARA. It will be designing and launching the first HIV-related youth-friendly innovative web-site (with version formatted for mobile phones) in Azerbaijan and therefore making a big start on youth-friendly services.


Although the idea is directly linked to a use of a PC or cell phone by adolescents and youth as the most popular and effective way of acquiring and sharing information, building networks and spending free time, it was deemed necessary to add another critical feature to it - provision of assistance - with the aim to offer an alternative trustworthy and easy-to-get access to specific services for youth.


Positioned within RKLA 10 (Regional Knowledge and Leadership Agenda “Adolescents: Second Decade, Second chance”) in the context of the MARA/Youth Friendly Health Services pillar the proposed initiative is believed to have a strong potential of being used by adolescents and youth from the other CIS countries, as the majority of them, including young people from Azerbaijan, are currently referring to a few Russian HIV related sites for youth available in the region. 


A selected local IT company was contracted and is currently engaged with the design of the first UNICEF-Ministry of Youth and Sports-National AIDS Centre HIV-related Youth-friendly Web-site in Azerbaijan.  



3.         Purpose of the assignment

To ensure regular uninterrupted provision of alternative trustworthy and easy-to-get access to specific counselling services for adolescents and young people, including those hard to reach like MARA, in Azerbaijan


Specific objectives:


To maintain and manage a joint UNICEF-Ministry of Youth and Sports-National youth friendly web-site (in Azerbaijani and Russian languages) - an innovative site that will help significantly increase participation of adolescents and young people.



4.         Duty station:  Baku, Azerbaijan

5.         Supervisor:   


  • Company will report and work closely with UNICEF Azerbaijan Youth and Adolescents Development Officer

6.         Major tasks to be accomplished:


Technical part:

  • Structuring and editing the content of the web-site to bring it in line with MoYS and UNICEF’s standards and regulations
  • Regular updating and refreshing the website, content cross-linking, adding new features, fixing glitches that may arise
  • Providing full backups (weekly) and back-up testing
  • Regular monitoring for malware and hacks
  • Monitoring of CMS upgrade releases and application of upgrades where appropriate, to
  • keep the site running on the latest technologies, safe from known vulnerabilities
  • Minimizing site recovery time from any type of crashes or attacks (24-hour period)
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Carrying out Search Engine Optimization of the web-site including context-advertising (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and new internet promotion approaches.
  • Constant monitoring of user activity and active improvements based on gathered data (where platform permits);
  • Moderating user activity and user-service provider interaction (editing posts, filtering questions and posts based on subject, ensuring seamless connection between users and service providers, etc.)


Programme part:

  • Provision of hot line internet-based services/consultations (chat, SMS, and VOIP like Skype), including counseling by the lawyers, psychologists, doctors/specialists from the AIDS Centre.
  • Information campaigns, surveys, news (including on youth policies and legislation), blogs and chats on the issues of concern, including those on HIV testing and counselling, healthy lifestyle, life skills education, and others.
  • Provision of links to already available HIV-related video quests or similar products created by other countries


7.    Outcomes and deliverables:


  • Content and structure of the newly designed website edited and brought in line with technical and programmatic requirements of UNICEF and MoYS by 15 November 2013
  • Services for young people (psychological counseling, consultations by doctors and lawyers) launched by 15 November 2013
  • Joint (with the MoYS) hosting and maintenance of the website ensured until the end of December 2013 (contract expiration date)
  • Two monthly analytics reports (October and November) and one final report (January 2014) provided to UNICEF


8.       Timeframe: October 2013January 2014


9.       Qualifications/specialized knowledge/experience required to complete the task:


  • Solid experience in the web resources development: web design, programming, content;
  • Progressive experience in the internet marketing: search optimization, promotion of the web-sites, cross promotion and cross linking, etc.;
  • Extensive expertise in keeping a site fresh, healthy, and safe
  • Extensive knowledge in the fields of HIV and psychosocial support programming
  • Available portfolio of successful examples of the web-sites developed and promoted by the incumbent including professional rewards on web design and development if any.


9.                  10.      Estimated cost : TBC


            Consultancy cost will be charged against the Regional Office PBA SC109903 (Thematic             HIV/AIDS and Children 2010-2013)


11.       Procedures and logistics:


  • The incumbent will receive guidance from the Youth and Adolescent Development Officer and Communication Officer
  • UNICEF will organize and facilitate all necessary meetings with the stakeholders



12.     Prepared by (Programme/Project Officer)

           Aida Ailarova, Youth and Adolescent Development Officer             Signature and Date:



13.      Approved by: Deputy Representative

           Rashed Mustafa                                                                                              Signature and Date:



14.      Read and signed by:           

            (Name and Title)                                                                                 Signature and Date:



15.       UNICEF recourse in the case of unsatisfactory performance:


  • UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/outputs is incomplete, not delivered or for failure to meet deadlines.


16.       Submission Deadline: 18:00, 16 October 2013.


Interested organizations or individual should send:

a)      the organizational profile or individual resume/portfolio;

b)      reference of previous relevant work (if applicable);

c)      budget

Proposals submitted after the closing date will not be considered.

Kindly send the hard copies (preferable) of  proposal to:


United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Dalga Plaza, Business Center

24 Neftchiler avenue AZ1095

Baku, Azerbaijan


or send the documents mentioned above electronically  to       





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