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Review of Paralympic Movement in Azerbaijan. International Consultancy.


Terms of Reference

Review of Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Newly Launched Children’s Paralympic Movement/Committee in Azerbaijan

International Consultancy

1. Program information:                            

  0310/A0/04/002 Improved Attitudes towards fulfillment of Rights of Children and Young People

  0310/A0/04/002/004 Youth Participation                                                                  

2. Background and Context:

  National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Azerbaijan was established on February 6, 1996 as a national constituent of the worldwide Paralympic movement globally governed by the International Olympic Committee, which aims to develop sports opportunities for all people with impairment from the beginner to elite level.

 The Paralympics movement in the country is expanding, its financial and technical resources are being upgraded and as a result the Azerbaijani athletes are already represented in 11 sports.

 In pursuance of the Decree and in preparation for the up-coming 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, a four-year 2013-2016 Strategic Plan was developed by NPC with the main aim of enhancing Paralympic  Movement in Azerbaijan. 

On 1 August 2013, the President of NPC issued a Decree on establishment of Children’s Paralympic Movement under the auspices of NPC.

 On 27 September, 2013, the NPC Executive Committee passed a Resolution on the establishment of Children’s Paralympic Committee under the auspices of NPC.

 Following this, a “Concept of Development of the Children’s Paralympic Movement 2013-2016” was adopted.

 UNICEF, and NPC committed to work together to contribute to establishment of the Children’s Paralympic Movement in Azerbaijan and thus to rehabilitation, healthy development and social integration of children and young people with disabilities into the society through the power of sport.

 3. Purpose of the assignment 

 To provide guidance and technical assistance in bringing the newly launched Children’s Paralympic Movement/Committee in Azerbaijan in line with the best international practices/standards and thus ensuring realization of rights of children and youth with disabilitiesand their integration into the mainstream society through their participation in sport

 Specific objectives:

 To review the available operational framework of the Children’s Paralympic Movement/Children’s Paralympic Committee in Azerbaijan and provide guidance and technical assistance in conceptualization and formulation of the main organizational policies, strategies and plans;

 To provide guidance on coordination, fundraising and sustainable development mechanisms

 To provide recommendations on appropriate, relevant and effective structure and procedures that need to be in place to ensure proper development and sustainability of the Children’s Paralympic Movement in Azerbaijan

 To advise on ways to use the newly created Movement/Committee to bring the social aspect of child disability into the agenda of decision makers

 4. Duty station:        Baku, Azerbaijan

 5. Supervisor:         

     Company/consultant will report and work closely with UNICEF Azerbaijan Youth and Adolescent        

     Development Officer.

6. Major tasks to be accomplished:

 In particular, the review is expected to focus on:

  ·   Structure of the Movement/Committee, noting in particular the appropriate focus of the program on children and youth with and without disability;

  ·   Systems, policies and procedures in place and their conformity with the international systems, policies and procedures;

  ·         Approaches of the Movement;

  ·         Coordination mechanisms                       

 The recommendations are expected to be made on:

  ·         Development/renewal/upgrading of legislative and organizational policy framework for Children’s Paralympic Movement/Committee in Azerbaijan, including the Statute, the Strategy, the Concept, Action Plan and others;

  ·         Joint UNICEF-NPC advocacy on social awareness and social inclusion (with focus on elimination of stigma) in general, and promotion of Children’s Paralympic Movement in Azerbaijan, including through education system, in particular

  ·         Capacity development

  ·         Development of database on children and youth with disabilities suitable for participation in the Children’s Paralympic Movement

  ·         Establishment of child and youth focused activities around Paralympic sport

 ·         Identification of the best international practices that can be used as models for the Azerbaijan’s Children’s Paralympic Movement development

  ·         Possibilities to link up the Azerbaijan Children’s Paralympic Movement with the Paralympic Youth Movement in Europe (considering opportunities for future participation in Youth Games and Youth Camps)

  ·         Building partnerships/alliances with non-state actors possessing significant expertise in programming for and with children and young people with disabilities

  ·         Supporting equal opportunities for participation of girls and boys.

 7.    Outcomes and deliverables:

  ·         Desk review completed by 17 October 2013 

  ·         Preliminary recommendations shared with the NPC by 25 October

  ·         Final recommendations submitted to UNICEF by 1 November 2013

 8.       Timeframe: 14 October – 1 November 2013

 9.       Qualifications/specialized knowledge/experience required to complete the task:

  A Level L-4 international consultant is required for this assignment. It is imperative that he/she has:

 Post-graduate university degree in social sciences

  ·         Extensive expertise in the area of child and youth disability

  ·         Extensive experience in the area of sport science and physical education; extensive knowledge of the ‘Sport for Development’ concept

  ·         Extensive knowledge of international standards and instruments, laws and regulations related to child disability.

  ·         Familiarity with youth and adolescent development and participation issues

  ·         Strong analytical and research skills

  ·         Excellent command of written and spoken English

  ·         Familiarity with the United Nations system, particularly UNICEF, will be an asset

  ·         Evidence of strong expertise in youth development and participation.

 10.      Estimated cost : TBC

 11.          Procedures and logistics:

  ·         UNICEF will provide all necessary project-related documentation to the selected consultant

  ·         UNICEF will organize and facilitate all necessary meetings with the stakeholders

  ·         The consultant will be provided with computer and internet access in UNICEF office

  ·         The consultancy may not be commenced unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the consultant.

 12.      Submission Deadline: 18:00, 13 October 2013.

 Interested organizations or individual should send:

 a)       the organizational profile or individual resume/portfolio;

 b)       reference of previous relevant work (if applicable);

 c)       budget

Proposals submitted after the closing date will not be considered.

Kindly send the hard copies (preferable) of proposal to:


United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Dalga Plaza, Business Center

24 Neftchiler avenue AZ1095

Baku, Azerbaijan

 or send the documents mentioned above electronically  to






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