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Terms of reference joint project of UNİCEF and the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan

1. Programme information: Youth and Adolescent Development Programme                   
Programme (No. & Name):          
Project   (No. & Name): Sport for Development project for children and youth          Activity Reference:  

2. Background and Context: 

For many, sport is the tool only for the development of professional athletes and teams who demonstrate high results and bring big achievements and medals to their countries. However, other sides of sport leading to the development of self-confidence and reliance among people, conveying the topics and messages, which are usually difficult to talk about and explain, to people through giving lectures and presentation now under the global attention and these kind of advantages of the sport activities and physical plays are being practised in a number of countries including Azerbaijan.
Sport can teach children and young people basic values and life skills – discipline, teamwork, fairness and respect for others – that shape their behaviour and help them to pursue their goals. In addition, sport can promote a healthy lifestyle and teach the importance of physical fitness and how to make choices that positively impact health and well-being, while serving as a tool to increase child survival and development, education, raise awareness among children and young people on HIV/AIDS and healthy life style/life skills, teach children and youth about their rights, teach them skills pertaining to conflict resolution, address gender equality by inclusion of girls, as well as increase inclusion of children and young people with disabilities and those from vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.   
Sport also can contribute significantly to international, national and local efforts to give children a healthy start. Sport can help those who haven’t received a good start, and equip youth with the information, skills, personal and social resources, and support needed to make key life transitions successful.
One fundamental goal of healthy child development is to enable children to develop the capacity and willingness to move with expression, poise, efficiency, and confidence in a wide variety of physically challenging situations. This allows them to participate fully in, enjoy, and contribute to their life and the lives of others. Sport and physical activity can help foster a general base of motor abilities — including body coordination, strength and fitness — and help children understand age-appropriate concepts about how their bodies move.
In addition to this, sport and play have an equally critical role to play in the psychosocial development of children and youth, beginning in a child’s first years and extending through adolescence. As children develop through childhood and adolescence, sport can play an important role in fostering social inclusion, improving physical and mental health, increasing self-esteem and encouraging better academic performance. Participation in sport can also help adolescents navigate the challenging process of identity formation, help them build life skills and healthy lifestyle behaviours, and offer them adult role models to guide them through this challenging period in their lives. Furthermore, sport is an important channel for reaching out to and including children and young people in their own development. It can teach them to become active participants in decision-making and express their own views freely; it can help them build self-esteem and acquire key life skills -- such as conflict resolution and communication -- that will help them advocate on their own behalf.
Practice of physical games and sport activities to raise awareness among children and young people in need of special care, children and young people from vulnerable groups, increase their self-esteem and reliance on each-other, establish strong and friendly communication among them and ensure inclusion of children with physical and mental disabilities together with other children in Azerbaijan was firstly started under International Inspiration project which has launched starting from 2007.
Being implemented by the National Olympics Committee, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education, UNICEF, British Council and UK Sport through the support of the Government of United Kingdom, the project was carried out in cooperation with local non-governmental organizations. Adaptation of the TOPs and Red Ball Child Plays and other important playing modules, which are aimed at improving various skills of the children and young people, into Azerbaijani context and training of the professional trainers in this field, as well as ensuring good learning of knowledge and skills by children on necessary topics including Child’s rights, Healthy life style/life skills, HIV, hygiene and healthy nutrition are some of the successful outcomes of the project. Expanding the experience and lessons learnt in pilot districts during the implementation of the project among other districts will enable it for many children and young people to benefit from this experience too.

Objective of the project
Attract children and young people to sport and physical activities on a regular basis and thereby to increase the knowledge of children, young people, parents and community on child’s rights and healthy life style/life skills.

3.  Purpose of the assignment

1. Organize and conduct trainings for the teachers of the selected schools (physical and primary education teachers) in five districts (Balakan, Zakatala, Gakh, Gabala and Ismailli – five schools in each district) on "TOPs" and/or "Red Ball Child Plays" playing modules, child’s rights and healthy life style.
2. Provide schools with the minimum package of required equipment.
3. Regular support to the teachers to apply learnt lessons and knowledge in physical education classes and community based plays (including awareness raising among children and young people on child’s rights and healthy life style/life skills) and monitoring of the process.
4. Organize and hold Sport and Play festivals in five districts mentioned above (with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan).

4. Duty station: Baku, Azerbaijan with field visits to the selected schools in 5 pilot districts
5. Supervisor: Natik Umarov, Youth and Adolescent Development Officer, UNICEF

6. Major tasks to be accomplished:
• Develop and submit the proposal in the format to be shared by UNICEF;
• Implement the project and submit the project report

7.          Outcomes and deliverables:

Trained teachers organize physical education classes based on new modules and increase in the knowledge and skills of the children and young people on child’s rights and healthy life style/life skills.
Participation in sport and play activities promoted through sport and play festivals in the five districts.
Comprehensive report embracing entire project activities and outcomes is required.

8.        Time-Frame:

October-November  2011



9.        Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:

The competencies required from a NGO will be the following:

 Experience of implementing projects related to children and youth, sport.
 Experience in planning, implementation and monitoring of the project activities and reporting.
 Practical experience and knowledge in Sport for Development for children and youth.
 Experience of implementation of joint projects with Ministry of Youth and Sport and UNICEF.
9. 10.      Estimated cost :
      To be proposed by a potential NGO or organization and agreed with
      UNICEF in line with UN rules and regulations

11. Procedures and logistics:
The project to be implemented in a close cooperation between UNICEF and the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Regular reports on project implementation to be shared and final project report to be submitted.

12.     Prepared by: 
          (Programme/Project Officer)

Natik Umarov
Youth and Adolescent Development Officer Signature and Date:

13.      Authorized by:
           Deputy Representative

Rashed Mustafa
 Deputy Representative      Signature and Date:
14.      Read and signed by:

 (Name and Title)      Signature and Date:

15.     Application:
Interested individual should send:
a) A Project Proposal in required UNICEF format;
b) the organizational profile and the resume of each of the proposed team members;
c) reference of previous relevant work (if applicable);
in a sealed envelope/email to:

Natik Umarov, Youth Development and Adolescent Development Officer
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Baku, Azerbaijan
or send the documents mentioned above electronically  to

All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality. UNICEF is an equal opportunity employer.

UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Deadline: , [3 October, 2011] 15:00hrs GMT+4

For further information please contact: Natik Umarov,



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