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Terms of Reference for Local consultant to map and assess the Child Protection System to identify current situation and address gaps.

1. Program information:                           : 0039 Azerbaijan Country programme 2011-2015 
Program (No. & Name) :0039 YI 002 Improved Attitudes towards fulfilment of Rights of Children and Young People
Project   (No. & Name)    : 0039 YI002-01, CRC Advocacy   
Activity Reference    : 0039 YI002-01-002,  Technical assistance for strengthening the evidence-based advocacy on children's rights
2. Background and Context: 
In June 2008, UNICEF‟s Executive Board adopted a new Child Protection Strategy leading towards the creation of a protective environment and the strengthening of child protection systems. The Strategy described child protection systems as “a set of laws, policies, regulations and services, capacities, monitoring, and oversight needed across all social sectors – especially social welfare, education, health, security, and justice – to prevent and respond to protection related risks.” In the result of consultation in Bucharest, Romania in 2008 the Mapping and Assessment Toolkit was developed as a minimum package of child protection services identifying key capacities and competencies that needed to be in place. Subsequently, the minimum package approach was modified to focus on identifying key benchmark interventions which countries should strive to put in place as a basis for system-building. This Toolkit aims to provide a practical and user-friendly method to enable participants in the child protection mapping process to identify the main country child protection risks within the rights framework, and to examine the scope and capacity of the existing child protection system (ranging from formal to informal), accountability mechanisms, and resource mobilization approaches.

Between September 2009 and January 2010, the Toolkit was field tested in a wide variety of country settings, and modified to reflect the realities encountered in the field and the comments of UNICEF child protection teams and their governmental and non-governmental counterparts. The ultimate objective of the Toolkit is to support the development of country-level comprehensive child protection systems, appropriately structured and resourced.

In accordance with the Rolling Work Plan for 2011-2012 signed between UNICEF and the State Committee for Family, Women and Children’s Affairs the Committee has requested for UNICEF technical support in mapping and assessing the Child Protection System to identify current situation and address gaps. Based on this need UNICEF intends to recruit a local expert to adapt and operationalize the system for Azerbaijan. 
3.  Purpose of the assignment
To support the Government of Azerbaijan Republic in mapping and assessing existing child protection policies, laws and services for adequacy and to identify obstacles and opportunities in implementation, especially in reaching vulnerable or excluded groups.
- Provide key stakeholders with a clear picture of the structure and functions of the current child protection system;
- Describe the current legal and normative framework, noting strengths as well as
- outlining the country’s future policy agenda in child protection;
- Highlight the key risks facing children, and prioritize data requirements for monitoring and evaluating child protection in the country; identify additional data needs on less visible themes
- Drawing on global best practices, assess the capacity of key formal and informal structures (ministries, agencies, partners, communities, etc.) to develop, administer and implement effectively, monitor and evaluate their child protection responsibilities;
- Identify and prioritize opportunities to improve service delivery;
- Bring key players together to support the development of the child protection system; and
- Establish the financial and human resources required to implement the reform. 
4. Duty station: Baku, Azerbaijan

5. Supervisor:  The work will be supervised by UNICEF Child Protection Officer with the general guidance of UNICEF Deputy Representative. The consultancy report will be submitted to UNICEF Representative and shared with the Government of Azerbaijan Republic.

6. Major tasks to be accomplished:
A consultant will be responsible for:
• Translate Child Protection System Mapping and Assessment Toolkit into Azerbaijani
• Adapting Child Protection System Mapping and Assessment Toolkit to the local context and needs
• Collecting data on policy, legal and practical farmeworks, including:
o General country information,
o System overview,
o Continuum of care (assessing protective environment),
o  Resource Mobilization and Fiscal Accountability,
o Summary and strategy development;
• Identify specific risks that children face within a the country;
• Assisting the State Committee staff in sorting out and categorizing of collected data;
• Assisting the State Committee staff in data entry considering division by statistical and analytical information    
7. Deliverables
- Azerbaijani version of the Child Protection System Mapping and Assessment Toolkit
- Child Protection System Mapping and Assessment Toolkit adapted to the country context
- Data categorized, systematized, and entered into the system
- Final consultancy report, including recommendations for follow-up steps

8. Time-Frame:
The selected consultants will work for 6 months during April - September. The deadline for submission of final deliverables to UNICEF is 10 October 2011.
9.        Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:
• Advanced university degree and/or academic background in a social field;
• Minimum 5 years work experience in the area of data analysis;
• Proven very good communication skills with government and international organizations;
• High analytical and conceptual skills and ability;
• Fluency in English and Azerbaijani (written and spoken);
• Good knowledge of computer applications;
• Ability to work within the international and multicultural environment.

10. Procedures and logistics:
All additional costs, if applicable, will be covered based on UNICEF standards. UNICEF does not provide or arrange health insurance coverage for consultants.
11. Application:
Interested individual should send:
• a cover letter
• individual resume
• expected remuneration
• reference of previous relevant work (if applicable)

via email to

All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality. UNICEF is an equal opportunity employer.

UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.

Deadline: April 6, 2011




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