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Design of UNICEF Azerbaijan website in a local language

                                                                                  Terms of Reference
                                                        Design of UNICEF Azerbaijan website in a local language

1. Programme information:      Policy, Planning and Advocacy 

Programme (No. & Name):   Policy Advocacy & Communication 
            Activity Reference:                Production, dissemination and launch of UNICEF global,       
                                                           regional and national publications and advocacy materials

2.        Background and Context:

UNICEF Azerbaijan, for over 6 years, has a website administrated in the Red Dot System – The website is in English. This system is managing by UNICEF HQ.

The new media importance has risen in the last years. It is highly important for an organization like UNICEF to promote its activities through a well organized and creative website. 

The information posted on UNICEF website has to be revised and adapted to our strategy plan and UNICEF objectives. The site should be: interactive, user friendly, attract more visitors and facilitate communication with our partners/ private donors/ individuals/ and media. 

Due to the amplitude of the work necessary to design the site and the problems encountered with working in Red Dot System to maintain of the site, the best solution is to hire a professional web design company for this task and for its maintenance throughout a year 

3.  Purpose of the assignment

To develop the UNICEF Azerbaijan web-site (in Azerbaijani) to make it more user-friendly and effective source of information about the organization’s activities globally and in country.

4. Duty station: Baku, Azerbaijan

5. Supervisor: 

Company will report and work closely with UNICEF Azerbaijan Communication Officer and Communication Assistant.

6. Major tasks to be accomplished:

• Registration and hosting the Azerbaijan domain for the UNICEF Azerbaijan representation in the Internet (,;
• Following the corporate UNICEF requirements (branding, etc.)
• Structuring the content of the web-site to make it easier to navigate for web users, including  new lay-out/structure of the first (main) page following UNICEF web best practices;
• Designing the current web-site and introducing new web graphics, modern lay-out and coherent fonts/colours to make it more user-friendly and appealing to the target audience;
• Carrying out the relevant programming to add the new content, structure and design to the existing web engine;
• Introducing new components for the Azerbaijanian UNICEF web-based resource including video- photo albums and subscription sections.
• Carrying out Search Engine Optimization of the UNICEF Azerbaijan web-site including context-advertising (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and new internet promotion approaches.
• Delivering training for the UNICEF Communication Section staff on effective support of the  
revamped web-site.
• provide graphical backup for content and help make it more appeal;
• provide functionality and implementation support;
• content strategy;
• ensuring search engine optimization;
• consulting services;
• information design & information architecture;
• layout design, visual styling elements;
• visuals, illustrations and animations;
• site upgrades and future developments;
• graphic updates;
• copywriting in Azerbaijani language;
• constant monitoring of user activity and active improvements based on gathered data (where platform permits);
• templates development;
• forms & interactive tools development;
• content insertion (text, images, animations etc.) ;
• content cross-linking;
• development of flash banners and animations;
• additions to the site;
• site hosting;
• interface program;
• maintenance for

7.   Outcomes and deliverables:

• The design of approximately 1 and a half months. Afterwards they will work for the maintenance of the website until the end of the year until the contract expires.
• design and development of site in Azerbaijani languages
• hosting and maintenance for site in Azerbaijani languages
• Design of the web-site is developed and screenshot is presented to UNICEF for the approval; new content structure of the web-site is presented and approved by UNICEF;
• Practical training on the revamped web-site for the UNICEF Communication Section staff is delivered.

8.     Time-Frame: January-December, 2011

9.    Qualifications/specialized knowledge/experience required to complete the task:

• Solid experience in the web resources development: web design, programming, content;
• Progressive experience in the internet marketing: search optimization, promotion of the web-sites, cross promotion and cross linking, etc.;
• Contractor team should include designer, maker-up and programmer;
• Available portfolio of successful examples of the web-sites developed and promoted by the incumbent including professional rewards on web design and development if any.

10. UNICEF recourse in the case of unsatisfactory performance:

• UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/outputs is incomplete, not delivered or for failure to meet deadlines.
• Support provided by UNICEF:
• The incumbent will receive guidance from the Communication Officer and Assistant as well as up-dated texts and materials to be uploaded at the web-site.

11.  Submission Deadline: 18:00, 15 December 2010.

Interested organizations or individual should send:
a) the organizational profile or individual resume/portfolio;
b) reference of previous relevant work (if applicable);
c) budget

Proposals submitted after the closing date will not be considered.
Kindly send the hard copies (preferable) of  proposal to:
Ms. Ayna Mollazade
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Dalga Plaza, Business Center
24 Neftchiler avenue AZ1095
Baku, Azerbaijan

or send the documents mentioned above electronically  to



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