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UNICEF and DIPECHO support planning for disaster risk reduction in Azerbaijan

© UNICEF Azerbaijan/E. Ibrahimova/2010
Baku, Azerbaijan, 2010- Experts from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Emergency Situations and UNICEF discuss Disaster Risk Reduction efforts in Azerbaijan

DIPECHO PROJECT Meeting – Tuesday 12th October 2010

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2010 – working group of Disaster Risk Reduction in Education came together to finalize the work plan which will now be submitted to the relevant ministers for their signature. The group is the result of a partnership with (DIPECHO) the Disaster preparedness branch of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department.

This project is a joint effort of UNICEF, Ministry of Emergency Situation and Ministry of Education, under the scope of its EU-funded partnership entitled “Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction amongst Vulnerable Communities and Institutions in Azerbaijan”, to emphasize the need for a systematic approach to disaster risk reduction and advocate for mainstreaming a child-focused DRR policy and strategic framework into existing education and disaster preparedness related policies, planning and programmes.

The Government of Azerbaijan, has been actively engaged in strengthening national capacities for disaster preparedness and risk reduction. Efforts are underway to ensure a systematic approach in indentifying and assessing the risks and minimizing the socio-economic impact of disasters on children through the application of more holistic and integrated strategies for education.
The meeting was organized to mark the World Disaster Reduction Day by finalising the DRR in Education Workplan in partnership with ECHO and was aimed at demonstrating the commitment of the Ministries of Emergency Situations and Education on enhancing disaster risk reduction in Education. 
Azerbaijan have now formally finalised their workplan for the implementation of a regional project of “Disaster Risk Reduction” financed by a programme of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department. DIPECHO is an EU programme dedicated to disaster preparedness, which funds projects in disaster-prone regions around the world.

Working group consisting of the representatives from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Emergency Situations and UNICEF discussed the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, Selecting of Schools and Conduction Bale-Line Survey, Implementation of Teacher Training Review and Curriculum as well. The finalization of the work plan includes the main intervention areas, mainly looking at curriculum and teacher training methodologies to enhance the components of DRR and at district level piloting interventions to increase children and community knowledge on disaster risk reduction due to their geographical vulnerability to natural disasters. It also coincides with the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Next meeting is going to take place with the presence of ECHO representatives, who will visit Azerbaijan next week and meet with the representatives from Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Education and UNICEF.

 Representatives from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Emergency Situations and UNICEF came together to celebrate the finalization of the work plan



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