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Local and International Agency/Institutions on Situation Analysis of People with Disability in Azerbaijan

1. Program information:                            

Program (No. & Name) : Policy, Planning and Advocacy
Project   (No. & Name)    : 39-YY-201-21
Activity Reference    : 39-YY-201-21-006

2. Background and Context:  (Attach background documents, if necessary)

Azerbaijan is one of the first countries in the Region that ratified UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. There are ongoing debates and actions undertaken in the country for establishing better conditions, both in term of infrastructure and integration.

People with disabilities are one of the most disadvantaged groups of population in Azerbaijan. Several organizations are active in promoting rights of people with disabilities and improving the quality of their lives. As per the Azerbaijan health care statistics, 2009, the disability rate is 24.0 per 1000 population .  They were very successful in changing policy and organizing public awareness campaigns to attract public’s attention to this problem. However, many of these projects function as one-time projects (trainings, publishing brochure and posters, etc) and targeted on general public rather on people with disabilities themselves. At the same time people with disabilities and their family member are in need of direct services. However, the community based services available at the moment for children do not have analogies for adults.

In Azerbaijan parents often abandon children with disabilities because of emotional and financial burden. The improvement of the level of care and availability of the services in the community will help reduce the number parents leaving children at the boarding schools. Having a child with disability is very disappointing for parents because it ruins their dreams of having a perfect child. Sometimes parents cannot still realize that their child is different and still demand from him more then s/he can do. Therefore, in addition to preventive services, many parents need counseling and supportive services.

3.  Purpose of the assignment

The study aims at getting insight into the situation and the needs of people with disability in Azerbaijan. This situation analysis will underline the main obstacles they face in everyday life, as well as the factors that facilitate their daily lives.  The study will also gain insights on the legislation and laws, as main tool of securing Human Rights of people with disability, and its implementation at country level.  The situation analysis will focus on Physical Disability, Mental Disability, and Sensory disability.

Partnership: UNICEF will be partnering with UNDP, MHI and MoLSP and HAF as national partners to conduct the study.

4. Duty station:  Selected districts of Azerbaijan

5. Supervisor:  The work will be supervised by UNICEF Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. The consultancy report will be submitted to UNICEF Representative.

6. Major tasks to be accomplished:
The agency will be responsible for;

• Conduct desk review of the current laws, rules and regulations on rights of people with disability in comparison with international conventions, standards and frameworks.
• To assess the current prevalence of severity and causes of disability as a physical and social phenomenon- social behavior and stereotypes towards people with disability
• To map and access the scope of the current situation  and initiatives in the public sector, the private sector, among NGOs, communities as well as the linkages between initiatives
• Challenges, obstacles and discrimination that people with disability faces in economic and domestic life specially the employment opportunities for people with disability.
• Development of action plan based the study results

The respective organization is required to develop an innovative and effective quantitative and qualitative research methodology to carry out the research study. The organization is also required to propose specific tools for data collection, data entry and processing, and data analysis (including an analytic mechanism either manual or computerized). The respective organization should propose software for data entry, data validation, cross-checking, tabulation and analysis, if they wish to use any.

7.          Deliverables:
1. Proposed evaluation methodology including sample design
2. Training of field staff and pre-testing of the questionnaire
3. Field work and data collection
4. Final report in e version, including Executive Summary in UNICEF format and both in English and Azari, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion; and recommendations for follow-up actions

8. Time-Frame: 60 days spread over 01 November – 31 December (tentatively)

9.        Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:
The organization or consortium should submit the proposal, which includes:
1. Delineation of methodology specifying the tools to be used for data collection
2. sampling outline with justification
3. Outline of areas covered in a questionnaire
4. Detailed team composition with responsibilities, work plan and time frame (profile of key professionals who are to be involved with and their percentage of time to be allocated against each of them to impart activities).
5. Description of pervious experience in similar studies
6. Organizational capacity including staffing pattern, equipment and other logistic support

For further clarification on the project, kindly contact Ms. Hossai Wardak, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, at

9. 10.      Payments :
30% upon completion signing of contract
70% upon the completion of the final report

11. Procedures and logistics:
All additional costs, if applicable, will be covered based on UNICEF standards. UNICEF does not provide or arrange health insurance coverage for consultants.

12. Proposed by:

Hossai Wardak
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer                                           Signature and Date:

13. Approved by:

Rashed Mustafa
Deputy Representative                                                                                 Signature and Date:

Submission Deadline: 16:00, 26 October 2010. Proposals submitted after the closing date
will not be considered. Kindly send the hard copies of  proposal to:

Ms. Hossai Wardak Nabi
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Dalga Plaza, Business Center
24 Neftchiler avenue AZ1000
Baku, Azerbaijan
or send the documents mentioned above electronically  to




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