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Terms of Reference for Local Agency/Institutions on Situation Analysis of Birth Registration in Azerbaijan

1. Program information:                            

Program (No. & Name) : Policy planning and Advocacy 
Project   (No. & Name)    : Situation Analysis of Birth Registration
Activity Reference    : YY/201-21-014   

2. Background and Context:  (Attach background documents, if necessary)

The State Statistical Committee of Republic of Azerbaijan has carried sample study on October of 2010 among 15,681 households in all regions of the country in order to understand the situation of birth registration of the children and the level of birth in the country. The result of survey demonstrate that 2,673 children (17%) born during eight months of current year in interviewed households have not been registered. Inadequate preparation of the registration list by the Registration Departments of Ministry of Justice as well as by the local administrative body leads to under registration of the nearly 26 thousand new born children within the country each year. This also affects the correct countrywide or regional total number of population. Besides non registry of child birth is a violation of the child’s inalienable human rights to be given an identity at birth and to be regarded as part of society.

3.  Purpose of the assignment

The overall objective of the assessment is to identify and analyze barriers to improved birth registration system.  The assessment is also expected to gain insights into administrative procedures and factors that serve as barrier for families obtaining birth certificate for newborn child. The assessment will also generate information about the nature and type of services provided by the local authorities to ease the process of birth registration at the district and community level as well as to develop strategies and programs in order to reduce the under registration of new born children.

4. Duty station:  Selected Districts of the Country

5. Supervisor:  The work will be supervised by Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. The consultancy report will be submitted to UNICEF Representative    

6. Major tasks to be accomplished:
The agency will be responsible for;
·1 Conduct desk review of the current laws, rules and regulations on birth registration for possible legal reform
·2 To asses the level of awareness on birth registration in all regions of country
·3 To identify the problems on birth registration and barriers preventing families to register birth
·4 To review the administrative arrangement of the system for birth registration

The respective organization is required to develop an innovative and effective qualitative research methodology to carry out the research study. The organization is also required to propose specific tools for data collection, data entry and processing, and data analysis (including an analytic mechanism either manual or computerized). The respective organization should propose software for data entry, data validation, cross-checking, tabulation and analysis, if they wish to use any.

7.          Deliverables:
1. Proposed evaluation methodology including sample design
2. Training of field staff and pre-testing of the questionnaire
3. Field work and data collection
4. Final report in e version, including Executive Summary in UNICEF format, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion; and recommendations for follow-up actions   

8. Time-Frame: 24 days spread over 24 July – 31 August 2010 (tentatively)

24-29 days for questionnaire design and pre-testing, sampling and training
30 July – 08 August Monitoring the fieldwork
09-14 Analysis and preparing the draft report
14- 28 Preparing and finalization of the report

9.        Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required:
The organization or consortium should submit the proposal, which includes:
1. Delineation of methodology specifying the tools to be used for data collection
2. sampling outline with justification
3. Detailed team composition with responsibilities, work plan and time frame (profile of key professionals who are to be involved with and their percentage of time to be allocated against each of them to impart activities).
4. Description of pervious experience in similar studies
5. Organizational capacity including staffing pattern, equipment and other logistic support

For further clarification on the project, kindly contact Ms. Hossai Wardak, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.   

9. 10.      Estimated cost :
The total cost of the assessment is  5,000 AZN to be paid in two installments:
30% upon completion signing of contract
70% upon the completion of the final report   

11. Procedures and logistics:
All additional costs, if applicable, will be covered based on UNICEF standards. UNICEF does not provide or arrange health insurance coverage for consultants.

12. Propose by:

Hossai Wardak
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer                                           Signature and Date:
13. Approved by:

Rashed Mustafa
Deputy Representative                                                                                 Signature and Date:
Submission Deadline: 16:00, 28 July 2010. Proposals submitted after the closing date
will not be considered.



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