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Key Issues

Neo-natal care


Prevention of Childhood Disabilities


Key Issues

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While the government has improved health care over the past five years, much work remains to before we will be able to see adequate quality levels that are equitably distributed nationwide. UNICEF works closely with the Ministry of Health to improve services and conditions for mothers and children. New clinical protocols are being developed, approved by the MOH and then implemented, after relevant health staff being trained. UNICEF is also a leader in changing attitudes and health and lifestyle choices through mass media. UNICEF’s health programme in Azerbaijan works first, to improve quality of health care services for mothers and their new born babies; second, to improve nutrition status of mothers and children, combating micronutrient deficiencies with focus on iron deficiency anaemia and iodine deficiency, and improving infant and young child feeding with emphasis on breastfeeding promotion; and finally, to support early detection and early prevention of childhood disability.



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