Key Issues


Child-friendly schools

Safety, and Disaster Risk Reduction


Key Issues


The 21st century holds great opportunity for countries that provide all citizens with ample and far-reaching access to information and education. By investing in children’s development and intellectual advancement,

Azerbaijan will enjoy greater success over the long-run to solve, or even prevent, many social and economic problems. The economic windfalls in the form of more productive and self-sustaining citizens will contribute positively to society and alleviate the burden on state budgets.

Improving quality and access to education is one of UNICEF’s main goals everywhere in the world. The vast majority of Azerbaijan’s schools, however, lag far behind those in more developed societies, and there are special challenges to delivering educational services in rural areas, especially those in mountainous areas.

UNICEF’s educational programmes for children lie in two major thrusts - greater access to pre-school education and a child-friendly school environment. In addition, UNICEF is initiating  a disaster response curriculum.





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