UNICEF supports and promotes exclusive breastfeeding and its benefits to mothers across Azerbaijan.

UNICEF Azerbaijan

There are many factors that contribute to the low rate of breastfeeding in Azerbaijan. Cultural beliefs may influence a mother’s decision not to breastfeed, health workers may not promote it to new mothers, and the ready availability of breast-milk substitutes can distract mothers away from breastfeeding.

UNICEF supports the promotion of accurate, easily understandable information on breastfeeding and its benefits to mothers across Azerbaijan. To create supportive environments for mothers to breastfeed, a baby-friendly hospital initiative has been revitalized in Azerbaijan, with UNICEF and the World Health Organization producing updated guidelines to support primary health care workers such as midwives promote breastfeeding. In partnership with the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance, we are working to expand health coverage for mothers and babies in Azerbaijan and are integrating baby-friendly hospital standards into hospital maternity departments throughout the country.

UNICEF Azerbaijan
A baby sleeping.

UNICEF also supports public information multimedia campaigns that bring messages on the importance of breastfeeding and nutrition for infants and young children to mothers and families across the country.

My mother is my hero!"

“My mother is my hero!” was a public campaign to promote exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months life among mothers that attracted public interest and contributed to promotion of the message on importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the best start in life.

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