What we do

What we do


Social Protection

UNICEF will strengthen the capacities of the national social protection system so that it reaches all children, especially those who are currently not covered but are most in need. In the first phase, the most deprived children will be identified, as well as specific reasons for their exclusion from services, such as social protection and care, education, health and nutrition. As many of the reasons for exclusion are interconnected, multi-sectoral and inter-sectoral coordinated responses are envisaged.  To this end, UNICEF will support the Government in establishing efficient and effective national and local identification and referral mechanisms among the different services. Special attention will be paid to coordination in the regions to ensure that all children are covered by the social protection system.

UNICEF plans to improve the protection of the best interests of children in contact with the justice or administrative systems, with special emphasis on the most deprived children and their families. This improved protection will include free legal aid, representation in courts, and training and specialisation of judges and law enforcement personnel. UNICEF will also strengthen the diversion possibilities to prevent deprivation of liberty and support systems of compensatory measures and remedies in cases of rights violations.




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