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Access to services

2012 State Agency on Provision of Social Innovation

2013 ASAN Xidmat service centres & mobile units established

Child Care and Social Protection

2006: Targeted Social Assistance (TSA) programme introduced

2011: The Law on Social Services *

Deinstitutionalisation & Alternative Care

2006 State Programme on Deinstitutionalisation and Alternative Care (2006–2015)*

2008 Master Plan for Transformation of Child Care Institutions*

2013 National Plan of Action for early detection and prevention of childhood disability*

2013: Government launched funding scheme to finance social care services for children through NGOs*

2015: The Government adopted quality standards on social care services*

Youth Participation

2011: State Programme on Azerbaijan’s Youth 2011-15*

2002: The Law on Youth Policy*

2007: Review of the Law on Youth Policy*

Gender Equality

2011: Legal age of marriage raised from 17 to 18*

Preventing Trafficking

2005: Law on Combatting Human Trafficking

2009: National Action Plan on Combatting Human Trafficking

2009: Centre for child victims of human trafficking

2010: Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

Juvenile Justice

2007: Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Legal Aid Clinic established in Baku*

2010: Free child hotline introduced for the Baku area

2014: Second Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Legal Aid Clinic established in Ganja*

2014: Free child hotline introduced for the Ganja area

2014: Specialised juvenile justice teams created in Baku*

Preventing child labour

2004: ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention signed

2009: Amendment of the Constitution that it is illegal to employ persons under 15 years

Child rights monitoring

2014: Presidential Decree to create a national unified database to monitor children’s rights*

Health & international standards

2001: Legislation on salt iodination for the purpose of mass prophylaxis of iodine-deficiency diseases*

2013: New State Programme on Improving Mother and Child Health (2014-2020)*

2015: Transition to the International Live Birth Definition (ILBD)*

Overall policy framework

2012: Vision 2020: policy strategy paper





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