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The Office of Internal Audit and Investigations (OIAI)


Nature and Types of Investigation
Report Fraud or Abuse
How do I report?
What should I report?
What happens after I make a report?
Can I remain anonymous?
Will my identity be kept confidential if I provide my personal details to OIAI?


OIAI conducts investigations to examine and determine the veracity of all allegations received concerning corrupt and fraudulent practices and allegations of misconduct that involve UNICEF staff, consultants, non-staff personnel and institutional contractors. OIAI’s investigations cover all forms of misconduct including, but not limited to: fraud; corruption; workplace harassment; sexual harassment; abuse of authority; or failure to observe prescribed regulations, rules, relevant administrative issuances and standards of conduct.

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If you have information of fraud, corruption, abuse of authority, waste and mismanagement involving UNICEF staff, consultants, institutional contractors, vendors or implementing partners, please report the matter using the following guidance. 

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1. How do I report? 
You should provide your report either by electronic mail or mail as follows:

By email: integrity1@unicef.org

By mail: All addressed mail should be marked "Private and Confidential" to:
Director - Office of Internal Audit and Investigation (OIAI) - Investigation Section
United Nations Children's Fund
Three United Nations Plaza
New York, New York - 10017 USA

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2. What should I report?
In order to provide the best opportunity for investigators to make a speedy assessment, kindly provide a detailed account of the allegation, including details (to the extent available) of:

  • Nature of the alleged misconduct being reported and how it was committed;
  • Persons and/or organizations involved in the alleged wrongdoing;
  • Timing and location of the alleged actions;
  • Basis of the allegation - whether based on suspicion or available evidence; and if evidence (documents, etc.)  exists, please forward such evidence to us;

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3.What happens after I make a report?
The information will be reviewed by the investigators and a determination of the most suitable course of action will be made.

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4.Can I remain anonymous?
You can remain anonymous; however, in assessing the allegations, we may need to contact you for additional information or clarifications on the reported allegation(s). As far as anonymous information is concerned, investigators would need to identify corroborative information before a formal investigation commences.

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5.Will my identity be kept confidential if I provide my personal details to OIAI?
All investigations are confidential and the identities of victims, subjects and witnesses will be protected. However confidentiality can never be absolute based on the progression of the investigation.

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