02 November 2021

UPSHIFT Spitak brings together young people to develop solutions for a positive impact in Spitak

The next stop of UPSHIFT program in 2021 took place in the northern town of Spitak in Lori region. With funding from the European Union, UNICEF in partnership with Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre NGO invited adolescents and young people of Spitak to develop solutions to a range of community issues that they identified. Ten teams of boys and girls…, Audio Center, Audio Center team is concerned with the fact that not many people in the community usually read. The team has tried to find the reasons behind this. The city library is on the outskirts, it is not replenished with new authors or with newer editions. At the age of technology, the team members are convinced that with the availability of audiobooks,…, Community Park, “When UPSHIFT was presented at our school, our team thought about the state of our park. We surveyed the community and found out that the shabby state of the park area concerns not only us and other young people, but other people as well. It deprives us of green space, quality time in the nature and leisure. We are very happy that our project was…, Football for All, This is a team of seniors from Spitak High School that wants to repair and improve the school football field. Moreover, the team also wants to establish Spitak’s first girls' youth football team. “As we are getting ready to graduate, we chose this endeavor as a sign of gratitude and a positive example for the generations to come. We want to convey…, White Book, White Book members came up with another solution to the lack of reading in the community. The team plans to put together a mobile tent-based library that will go around the community, reaching the young and old. Members of the community will be informed about the mobile library through social networks, local media, events, and word of mouth. The…, Eco-Pen, Gohar Ghorukhchyan, 13, of Eco-Pen team, which scored the highest points among the winning teams, explained their concern about eco-efficiency in the community. “We understood that if we aren’t the ones to do something about it in our community, who would? We know how difficult the issue that we have raised is, but we are confident that we can do…, UPSHIFT Spitak in short, This story was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the Future Today project and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.
21 April 2021

Failures only give you the chance to take bigger steps, to fly higher

I am a programmer by profession. I started my career path in the information technology (IT) field at 12 years of age, when I started attending the TUMO center. At first I learned programming languages and started to creat simple games. Then I found Technolab, where I deepened my knowledge. Later I got involved in a number of companies as a…, Participate in Accelerator ☒ (done)., Acquire new knowledge and skills ☒ (done)., GTA is a platform that can help employers in the recruitment and selection of the most suitable candidates for jobs with the help of artificial intelligence. I joined the GTA team, because this startup project needs and uses artificial intelligence the most. Here I can not only put my knowledge and experience to test, bringing in a new perspective…, Trying to learn the ICTs as a girl, I have been interested in computers from my childhood. I was so excited when I first turned on a computer by myself. From the very beginning, I was interested in how it works inside out. When our computer crashed at home, I was very happy, because I could open it and see what was the insides of a processor looked like. When I joined TUMO Center, I…, Why should girls enter the IT field?, I’ll give you three reasons why I think that girls should consider the ICT field. First, if you like that field, you should not look at the opinion of other people who think that it is not for girls. Second, and more important, to me this field is like a real miracle - whatever you cannot do, you ask the computer to do for you. I chose artificial…, Encouraging girls to pursue STEM, Our STEM classes at school are very poorly resourced. While studying chemistry, I have to search for the chemistry experiments of that day online to get an idea of how it’s done. I think that this is where the young people develop their lack of interest towards STEM. If we never see what happens or what can happen when we mix up substances or test…, Artificial intelligence - a tool to improve the world, With artificial intelligence I would change a lot in my environment, especially in my school. I would try to structure my schedule for school, both for face to face and for online learning, as we are now on a blended curricula. With COVID-19 the country embarked on remote or online education, that coupled with the current situation in the country…, Future plans and goals, After winning in the Accelerator project, our GTA team is now working on the website so that we can reach more people to present our product and also fundraise to be able to fully implement the idea. Artificial intelligence is an expensive pleasure. It requires long hours of arduous work. For example, at the moment we need a data specialist who…, My message to all girls and boys out there, Never be afraid to try out new things. In the age of technology, something new is created every day, you just have to not be afraid to learn and try new things. Moreover, do not be afraid of failures. I do not understand the word ‘failure’. To me, failure is the equivalent of trying so that you can understand whether something is yours or not.…