Young people improve community life in Spitak through new exciting projects

Six teams of adolescents bring a new life and mobilize the community in Spitak with the support of the European Union and UNICEF

Qnarik Nersisyan
02 November 2021

UPSHIFT Spitak was one of the highlights of 2021 for adolescents and young people in this northern town of Armenia, bringing six new projects to life, completely planned and executed by them. Funded by the European Union and implemented by UNICEF in partnership with Youth Initiative Center, the project showed the next generation of Spitak that they can indeed do something about the issues that they see in their community if they put their minds to it.

Check out what each team was able to accomplish within eight short months, we hope it inspires you to start your own initiative at your school and in your community!


Audio Center

The team was concerned about lack of reading culture in the community and tried to look into the underlying reasons behind it. Through UPSHIFT Spitak, this team found a unique, state-of-the-art solution to the issue: an audio reading station in Spitak park, where people can enjoy their time outside and listen to new authors.


Football for All

This team was able to mobilize support not only from UPSHIFT Spitak jury but also from the community administration, parents from their school as well as volunteers for their project. The football field next to their school is now improved and will serve not only students but the rest of the community as well. Next up on their agenda is to start a girls’ football team and develop girls' football in Spitak.



From consumers to caring citizens… This team wanted to encourage eco-friendly behavior in the community and is confident that their eco-pens will make Spitak much more greener next Spring.


Community Park

Young people on this team gave plastic waste a new life by constructing and devising art installations from plastic and old tires for the Parni community park, thus highlighting the issue of plastic waste and the need to minimize it or reuse.


White Book

If you come across young people in Spitak or the nearby villages that want to talk to you about reading, this will most likely be the White Book team from UPSHIFT Spitak. Their mobile library boasts a wide collection of interesting and modern literature with a bonus invite to a book club discussion in your neighborhood.


Football Field

This team from Spitak School No. 8 was determined to promote healthy lifestyle and play in their community. Now they have managed to not only improve the football field at their school but also improve the conditions at the adjacent playground for younger children.


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