World Children's Day Declaration

In celebration of the World Children’s Day 2019 and the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child children are asking

Children of Armenia
Երեք դեռահասներ ՀՀ նախագահական նստավայրի ամբիոնից ընթերցում են Երեխաների համաշխարհային օրվա հռչակագիրը։
UNICEF Armenia/2019/Gevrogyan
25 November 2019

Dear decision makers,

Today we mark the World Children’s Day and the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In the 26 years since the ratification of the Convention by Armenia, our lives have been and continue to be improved through its implementation and the progressive realization of children’s rights as enshrined within the Convention.

We recognize that new opportunities have come forward for our renewed collective and concerted action for children, also valuing their participation.

We, the children, represent 24 percent of Armenia’s population and, as our parents, grandparents, and teachers say, “whatever is done, is done for children” or “children are our present and future.”

We are aware of that but in order to be that future, we must be involved in the present.

Today, now, is a moment for bold action to ensure we leave no child behind, to ensure that we reach our full potential.

In celebration of the World Children’s Day 2019 and the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we, the children, ask you:

  • To reaffirm your commitment to uphold and protect our rights and the principles enshrined within the Convention of the Rights of the Child;
  • To pledge to listen to our views in decisions that will affect our lives directly or indirectly with those views being given due weight and to be used to inform your decisions.
  • To prioritize and take concrete, actionable and time-bound steps towards the following issues through policies, laws and budgets:
    • We value immunization against deadly diseases, nutritious food, especially at school, as well as support in mental health issues and the culture of annual visits to the doctor.
    • We are interested to see what are the results in promoting social inclusion in the country. It is important for us that every child has access to education and that every community has a kindergarten. That school buildings are accessible, and teachers prepared. We need an education that is interesting and engaging. And in order to get quality education, we also need better school building conditions and modern equipment.
    • We want to be aware of and understand what the government is doing for children who are subjected to violence at home, and especially for those children who have transitioned back to their families from residential institutions. We want to put an end to psychological bullying, especially on the Internet.
    • We value awareness raising about the environment. We think there should be some form of punishment for harming the environment. We want to see our lakes and rivers clean and without pollution.
    • We are concerned that children often do not know their rights. Everyone needs to be aware of child rights. We want to take part in decisions that directly concern us.

We do not have the life experience adults have, but we have imagination and determination. We have hundreds of questions, which we can only attempt to find answers to. One being, what would happen if our issues are not taken into account?

Dear decision makers,

We are not the sources of the problems, we can help find solutions even to the hardest problems.

We are not expenses, we are an investment.

We often notice the things that adults do not notice.

We are not just children, we are residents of the Republic of Armenia.

For every child, every right.