Education Experts Analyze the National Learning Assessment System in Armenia

UNICEF and the Ministry of Education of Armenia continue working on education sector development with the support of the Global Partnership for Education

Arman Gasparyan
Մեծ Մասրիկ գյուղի դպրոցում աղջնակը նստած ուշադիր լսում է դասը։
UNICEF Armenia/2020/Biayna Mahari
07 July 2021

On June 16-18, 2021, UNICEF Armenia organized a three-day workshop  on the application of the "analysis of the national learning assessment systems" (ANLAS) toolkit in Armenia, which marked the launch of 12 studies to be implemented from June 2021 to January 2022 within the framework of the Education Sector Plan Development Grant 2021-2024.

The grant was provided by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to the Armenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports  in January 2021, with UNICEF taking a grant agent role to administer in accordance with the approved application and GPE procedures, as well as work closely with the Ministry of Education, the coordinating agency, and the Local Education Group established during the grant application process to ensure local capacity building and ownership. The objective of the Grant is to produce a solid body of analytical materials that would lead to the development and adoption of data-driven sector-wide policies and education plans.

The workshop brought together 20 participants from two expert groups that focus on the analysis of Armenia’s national learning assessment system and on a study of equity and fairness-oriented analysis of in-classroom assessment practices to identify policy recommendations for improvement of student learning outcomes. The workshop was also attended by representatives of the National Center for Educational Development and Innovation, the National Center for Educational Technologies, as well as partner universities, and the Asian Development Bank as part of its coordinating agency function.

The workshop was delivered by Ms Anna Aleksanyan and Mr Hayk Daveyan, the leaders of the two expert groups with the support of Medjy Pierre-Louis, learning assessment consultant from the Global Partnership for Education. On the first day, participants were greeted by UNICEF Deputy Representative Silvia Mestroni, “UNICEF is very pleased to contribute to this important effort that will enable a comprehensive review of policies and plans in the education sector based on solid evidence.

UNICEF has provided the Ministry of Education with expertise throughout the entire grant application period and is now proud to assume the role of grant agent for the implementation phase. UNICEF is committed to supporting Armenia to build a strong and resilient education system for every child.

Ramya Vivekanandan, GPE’s Senior Education Specialist and Thematic Lead for Teaching & Learning (and the coordinator of the development of ANLAS), joined the workshop on the last day. She commended the team(s) on undertaking this valuable exercise aimed at evaluating the national system of learning assessment in Armenia and expressed her hope that ANLAS will help the country to make improvements in this system, which is a vital step to better monitor and improve learning outcomes for students.

Following the training, the two expert groups are already working on finalizing the methodologies that will be employed in their respective studies. At the same time, the recruitment of the next three expert groups is underway to be finalized in July 2021.