Study on Armenian sign language: analysis of results

A comprehensive research to support the refinement of teaching methodologies for children with hearing impairment

Աղջիկը ճոճանակի վրա: Ձեռքերով նա V նշանն է ցույց տալիս
UNICEF Armenia/2019/Publicis-Gevorgyan


The "Study on Armenian sign language: analysis of results" delves into the development trends of Armenian sign language, addressing teaching challenges and their impact on the overall education process and quality for children with hearing impairments. This research sheds light on the unique challenges faced by individuals using sign language in educational settings for children with hearing impairment, including obstacles in learning, working, and interpersonal communication. Linguistic nuances of Armenian Sign Language (ASL) are explored, alongside insights from experts and learners on bridging the gap between sign language and spoken language. 

Key findings and recommendations from this research will influence the refinement of teaching methodologies for Hearing Joint Language (HJL), benefiting professionals, educators, and stakeholders involved in the education of children with severe and profound hearing impairments (PSHD).

The research was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports, conducted by an expert group from the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center with the support of UNICEF.

Աղջիկը ձեռքերով սիրտ նշանն է ցույց տալիս
UNICEF, Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center
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