Recreation Kit Guidance - Education Kit Handbook

This is an electronic version of the Users’ Guide Recreation Kit. It provides guidance on the Recreation Kit and is one of UNICEF educational pre-packaged kits designed for front-line workers.

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UNICEF Armenia/2020/Margaryan


This guide starts with a description of the kit content and guidelines and ideas on specific activities using the content. The module also contains guidance on psychosocial activities and on how to create an inclusive class environment.

This publication is part of a series of manuals that provide training and curricular guidance on UNICEF educational pre-packaged education kits. They are intended to strengthen the impact of UNICEF’s education work from the first phase, where the opportunity to learn provides children with much-needed psycho-social support through our efforts to foster learning, growth and development. With the manuals, the education kits, and proper teacher training, it is possible to extend the utility of the individual kits, improving the quality of the initial education response and the transition into development.

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