Manual for care and multidisciplinary management of children with rare diseases

Professional guidance on effectively managing eight rare diseases

Աղջիկը մոր գրկին
UNICEF Armenia/2020/Bulghadaryan


The manual was developed through a collaborative effort between UNICEF and the Source Foundation for Supporting Children with Disabilities and their Families, drawing upon the localization of eight international guidelines for rare diseases. This guide serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, rehabilitation service providers, caregivers, and parents alike.

Within its pages, readers will find detailed insights into eight rare diseases, encompassing crucial information on their identification, diagnostic procedures, disease progression, potential complications, and the essential involvement of specialized medical professionals at various stages. Additionally, the manual offers practical advice on nurturing and maintaining a high quality of life for affected children.

Գրքի կազմ- հազվագյուտ հիվանդությունների մասին ձեռնարկ
UNICEF, Source Foundation
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