How TV series can influence gender norms

Monitoring results from the ‘Lost Diary’ TV series

Դեռահաս աղջիկը ֆիզկուլտուրայի դասին
UNICEF Armenia/2021/Stepanyan


There are several things key media players and policy makers can consider in terms of adopting and implementing behavioral change campaigns that target harmful norms. Public advocacy on gender equality, eliminating gender-based violence and gender-biased sex selection led UNICEF country office in Armenia, through the support of UNICEF National Committee for Switzerland and Lichtenstein, to establish a partnership with the Public Television of Armenia to produce a TV series that would tackle the social norms around gender equality and harmful behaviors such as domestic violence or gender-based abortions. The episodes evolved around a group of high-school seniors and their families where the main protagonists embodied divergent masculinities and femininities. For more on how this programme was monitored employing focus group discussions and other methods, please, read the brief.

Դեռահաս աղջիկը ֆիզկուլտուրայի դասին՝ ծանրաքարերը ձեռքին:
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