Feasibility Analysis of the National School Management and Governance Approaches in Armenia

How to further improve school governance in Armenia

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UNICEF Armenia/2021/Margaryan


A strong governance system of schools is essential not only for ensuring a quality learning experience for all students, but also for maintaining a high level of job satisfaction for teachers, school administration, and efficient functioning of school councils. This study, conducted by UNICEF with the support of the Global Partnership for Education, in partnership with the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Asian Development Bank, analyses the school management and governance practices in Armenia, pinpointing areas of improvement.

UNICEF triangulated various quantitative methods for this analysis, using a desk review of the national system and governance systems used in other countries, as well as key informant interviews and focus group discussions at national, regional and local levels, including with parent-teacher associations and student councils.

The study uncovers the main areas of improvement at various levels, including for the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, education departments of regional administration across the country, school principals and the range of councils at schools from students to parents and pedagogical councils.

While Armenia has made progress in developing policies and regulations related to school management, there are a range of new challenges that need to be addressed, spanning from institutionalization of participatory approaches and transparent decision making to role clarity and capacity building to exercise the existing provisions in place.

The study identified opportunities for developing and strengthening school networks and cooperatives, promoting greater collaboration and sharing of best practices among schools, and providing more support and resources for school leaders to develop their skills and knowledge. The report also includes a set of recommendations to invest in professional development opportunities for school leaders, promoting greater community involvement in school governance, and exploring new models of school management and organization that can better meet the needs of students and communities.

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