Disciplining children. myth or reality

How to better understand your child and develop a nurturing relationship

կկոցած աչքերով 4-5 ամյա աղջիկ
UNICEF Armenia/2020/Galstyan


UNICEF and Parenting School NGO developed this guide for caregivers and professionals working with children, such as psychologists, social workers and educators, to help them better understand the various developmental stages of children. It will help you understand where various behaviors come from, practice active listening and effectively encourage children. One of the keys to this, you will learn is to accept children as they are, with respect and without any preconditions. We hope this guide will help you better respond to unwanted behavior, boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

The guide included practical examples and exercises that will help you to put it to practice.

Գրքի կազմ: Ժպտացող աղջիկ
Parenting School NGO, UNICEF
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