Classroom assessment practices

Analysis of equity and fairness-oriented practices and recommendations to improve student learning outcomes

Երկու աշակերտ դասի ժամանակ նստած են դիմակով: Աղջիկը ժպտում է տղային
UNICEF Armenia/2021/Mahari


The Sustainable Development Goal 4 aims to achieve inclusive and quality education for all, recognizing that education is a powerful tool for sustainable development. A classroom assessment approach based in equity and fairness is essential to ensure that every student receives quality education.

To determine the optimal framework and equity-based practices in classroom assessment, UNICEF conducted a study with the support of the Global Partnership for Education, in partnership with the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Asian Development Bank.

The study puts forward recommendations to policy makers and practitioners on how to improve the classroom assessment system in Armenia based on evidence, considering the individual needs of students, their knowledge, and their development characteristics, conducive to a fair learning process for all students.

A nine year old with cerebral palsy smiles while being photographed
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