Changing perceptions – empowering teachers

Interpersonal communication and community engagement to support inclusive education

Երեխան մատիտով գունազարդում է գրքույկը
UNICEF Armenia/2023/Martirosyan


This module on Changing perceptions – empowering teachers is a training module on interpersonal communication for inclusive education developed by UNICEF regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. It addresses teaching staff self-efficacy, attitudes, beliefs, and norms and seeks to promote and support inclusion of every child, regardless of their social, religious, cultural, economic, geographical, ethnic background, and disability.

The module helps teachers develop the abilities, skills, and confidence to become culturally competent educators who use inclusive practices, work collaboratively with their diverse communities and act as champions of inclusion in their educational and social communities.

While it is informed by theoretical understanding, the module is grounded in classroom and school realities and tries to address the challenges, opportunities, and issues that the teachers’ work involves. It uses scenarios, role plays, video resources, simulation, mind mapping, discussion, and analysis to provide as many opportunities as possible for actual application.

The Armenian version of this module has been adapted to the local context and serves as a basis to offer further training specific to local needs.

As well as teachers from pre-primary to secondary schools and head teachers, this module addresses other educators who engage with children’s education either formally or informally. National officials involved with teacher training at preservice and in-service stages will also find it useful.

Փոքրիկ տղան օգտվում է հատուկ փափուկ կահույքից
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Armenian, English

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