A therapeutic story for children

Փոքրիկ աղջնակը գետնին պառկած նկարում է սպիտակ թղթի վրա
UNICEF Armenia/2022/Galstyan


The therapeutic story "Canary" narrates the lives of birds, focusing on Canary's family, who celebrate life in a picturesque forest. However, their idyllic existence is often tormented by powerful winds and hurricanes that wreak havoc on their nests. One particularly devastating hurricane swept away most of the birds, leaving others injured, and forcing the remaining birds to seek refuge and establish a new settlement.

The difficult journey presented numerous challenges for Canary's family as they did their best to adapt to their unfamiliar surroundings. The struggles were many, and the chick, in particular, found it challenging, longing for the familiarity of the old forest. Despite the initial hardships, with advice from Canary mother and the dwarf, the chick eventually got used to the new environment and began to sing once more.

Գրքի կազմի վրա պատկերված է դեղին դեղձանիկ
Parenting School NGO, UNICEF
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