Auxiliary tools and references for supporting primary school and preschool students with disability

This directory of tools will support teachers and caregivers in working more effectively with their young students with disability

Հաշմանդամություն ունեցող երեխան թերապիայի ժամանակ
UNICEF Armenia/2018/Osipova


This directory includes a set of 12 tools and resources for teachers and caregivers of young children with disabilities who go to preschool or primary school.

The tools include resources from UNICEF and other reputable organisations in the field, supporting children with disabilities and their caregivers. The resources have been tried and tested in other countries and include information about the picture exchange communication system, reading through Q&A method, Parent Buddy app, special interests map, visual timetable, self-monitoring intervention guide, mindful meditation and others.

It is part of a set of resources, produced by UNICEF, for caregivers of children with disabilities, their teachers and schools.

A child with a disability during therapy
UNICEF Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECARO) with UNICEF Office of Research-Innocenti, in partnership with UNICEF Armenia, Republican pedagogical-psychological centre
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