Analysis of School Teacher Management System in Armenia

The analysis aims to enhance school teacher management systems to ensure the effectiveness and success of the entire education system

Տարրական դպրոցի երեխաները դասի ժամանակ. նրանք լսում են ուսուցչի հարցը
UNICEF Armenia/2018/Osipova


The role of teachers in both the education of children and the development of society cannot be overstated. To support the improvement of the teacher management system in Armenia, UNICEF conducted a study with the support of a grant from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), in partnership with the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Asian Development Bank.

The study focused on three main policy areas related to teachers: teacher recruitment, preventing staff turnover, and continuous professional development. While the teacher management system in Armenia has important regulations, the study found that it needs to be reviewed in order to improve existing policies and introduce new regulations.

The study demonstrates that, although there are important policy regulations, there is a need for new regulations. Particularly, a huge gap is within the dimension of teacher recruitment since predominantly those without other professional options choose to teach due to the comparatively low salaries and poor working conditions as well as lack of career advancement opportunities. In addition, positive personal relationships, and the working environment were mentioned as possible incentives not to leave the job, these factors were not prioritized by the research participants and, for many of them, the lack of monetary incentives leaves many teachers unsatisfied with their profession.

The study also shows that there are neither career growth opportunities nor salary increases due to the participation in professional development activities, and the willingness for continuous improvement is left to individual teachers.

The study findings revealed there is a need to review some of regulations and introduce new ones. Therefore, the recommendations derived from the main findings would support the further improvement of the existing regulations and the introduction of new ones to contribute to a well-designed and implemented schoolteacher management system for the success of the whole education system of Armenia.

This will ensure the success of the entire education system, emphasizing the vital role of teachers in shaping the future of society.

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