Ali and the Flying Lake

A children’s book about water, environment and climate change

Ali flying on the frozen Lake


There is unequivocal evidence that planet Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate and the human activity is the principal cause.

In 2022, UNICEF China and the Ministry of Water Resources of China collaborated to produce and launched the English version of this picture book for sharing with children and partners around the world to advocate for clean water, safe environment and a better future for every child.

Ali is a Chinese-designed cartoon fox character and is well known in China. One day, Ali found a small Lake that is shrinking due to climate change and human activities. In order to save the Lake and the world, Ali and friends embark on an amazing journey. Lake was using up every drop of water to help others on planet and was dying. In the end, with help from friends, Ali saves the Lake and the world.

Ali flying on the frozen Lake
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Armenian, English

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