UNICEF launches #LearningAtHome campaign to support parents and young children in self-isolation due to the Coronavirus

UNICEF High Level Advocate for Child Rights and Children’s Author Nouneh Sarkissian Joins #LearningAtHome Campaign

21 May 2020
ՅՈՒՆԻՍԵՖ-ի հիմնադրած այլընտրանքային մանկապարտեզում դաստիարակը գիրք է կարդում երեխաների համար։
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YEREVAN, May 21, 2020: UNICEF is launching #LearningAtHome campaign in support of parents and young children, facing multiple challenges due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many parents are struggling with taking care of their family, full time work, children’s online classes and helping younger children to cope with not being able to attend kindergarten or play with their peers.

#LearningAtHome campaign aims to support children’s physical, intellectual and emotional development and to contribute to creating a positive environment at home during the lockdown. “The early years are an important period for children in terms of brain development. Our brains develop at a very fast pace until five years, with neurons forming 700 new connections every second. This means that we build the ground for every child’s health, education, and future now, during their early years,” notes Tanja Radocaj, UNICEF Representative in Armenia. “It is also important to keep in mind that children’s development does not stop – there is no pause button for this during challenging times, such as pandemics or self-isolation. It is hence of utmost importance that we brace ourselves to nurture the early development and learning for young children, as their futures are in our hands.”

The games and challenges in this campaign will help parents to support their children’s brain development in a loving environment, laying a solid ground for the course of their children’s life. Play is a child’s right. It is essential not only for their mental and physical development, but also social and cognitive skills. Children need play even more now to cope with and make sense of these challenging times, and to grow to be able to reach their full potential in life.

The campaign is joined by UNICEF High Level Advocate for Children and beloved children’s author Mrs Nouneh Sarkissian who has filmed her reading of her “Pomengranate Seeds” fairy tale for children. “Children in their early age are the quickest and best learners. Let's help them to keep their mind and energy awake. This brilliant initiative by UNICEF will help the parents to spend the isolation in a useful, active and lively way with their kids,” says Mrs Sarkissian. Her reading is available on the campaign landing page.

Every Wednesday and Friday, UNICEF will issue a new challenge to parents through its Facebook page or Instagram page, encouraging parents to spend quality time with their children and providing with new ideas on how to do that.

Here’s how to participate in the campaign:

  1. Choose a challenge from the campaign landing page.
  2. Film it as you do the activity and post on social media with the #LearningAtHome hashtag or send it to UNICEF Armenia Facebook page.

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